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What is provides a platform and products that help teams optimize their businesses with premium location technology. Our vision is to revolutionize mobile location technology and empower developers to create the best possible location-aware apps. We believe that businesses should have access to top-quality location technology without sacrificing the battery life of their users' mobile devices. That's why we've developed products that are not only accurate, but also battery efficient. tech stack

We're aware of 7 technologies that is built with. utilizes products like Google, Webflow in their tech stack

Recent launches

GeoSpark 2.0
GeoSpark provides a completely customizable location tracking and intelligence solution, with 90% less battery drain - never compromising on accuracy.
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GeoSpark is an AI driven location tracking platform with 90% less battery drain. GeoSpark allows you to do more with less. Use GeoSpark's SDKs for location data with 90% less battery drain for your iOS and Android apps.

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