Genius Hub

A chat app designed for AMAs

#5 Product of the DayAugust 06, 2015
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We wanted to improve the AMA experience. So we created Genius Hub, a chat app specifically for that. It's a place where you can chat directly with innovators and thought leaders. First AMA is with @jasonfried. I was hoping to do a nice video of the product, sadly no time. But you can watch this little raw video where I show @borthwick Genius Hub I hope you get the idea.
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@williamchanner Congrats William! Genius Hub looks very well thought out. Signed up for the first one. Curious to see what the chat interface is going to look like.
@robjama @williamchanner Thanks man! Hope you're well. You can see what it looks like here
@williamchanner Nice. It's great to see another attempt at improving AMAs.
@erictwillis @williamchanner Cheers! Love to chat with you next week - and get more of your thoughts. As this is your space :)
@williamchanner this is really great! We're looking at doing AMA's with the startups and investors that come on The Pitch podcast, but haven't found anything built around AMA's specifically. We actually just settled on using Disqus. Not sold on it yet though. Will you be allowing others to host AMA's on your platform?
Congrats on the launch, @williamchanner and @ahmetsulek. The site looks very clean, like all your other products. We're seeing a lot of AMA-like products/extensions lately (King for a Day, Facebook Live, Ask Me Anything by reddit, and even Meerkat/Periscope to an extent. Why is that and why build Genius Hub?
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan :) We think people want a deeper level of connectedness. Part 1 was about having that breadth through an audience, think Twitter and Instagram. We now think people want intimacy, which has been neglected. But we all like to connect, and the tool that can help you do that on a deeper level wins (in our opinion).
@rrhoover And what are your thoughts on this landscape?
@williamchanner we're super interested in AMA's and giving enthusiasts + makers an opportunity to directly (and authentically) interact. Stay tuned... 😉
@williamchanner Similar vein to @rrhoover 's question, why text-based chats over video? It seems like streaming video is kind of 'in' right now.
Happy to include this under Panda Network!
Can't wait for this next week. Nice work guys!
I always love projects from the Panda Network! Awesome job @williamchanner and @ahmetsulek. This looks like another place I will visit just as often as I visit use panda.