Super awesome Gary Vaynerchuk wallpaper quotes

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These are depressing.
@chopeh True story lol (but holds the truth)
@chopeh And clearly spoken by a person who has never struggled to provide for his family. I'm not willing to bleed from my eyes for my dream, no. I'm willing to bleed from my eyes for my family.
Hey Product Hunters! I'm happy to announce GaryQuotes πŸ”₯ GaryQuotes is a site where you can download super awesome wallpapers for your πŸ“± starring the best Gary Vaynerchuk quotes (@garyvee) 😎 Any feedback is really appreciable! I wanna hear your thoughts on this! πŸ˜„ Stay motivated, love hard work, hustle, and crush your Monday morning! πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
@bntzio @garyvee haha awesome. Could also create a site that shows random quote a day? Or get a random quote text/emailed to you per day too :)
@bentossell @garyvee Hey Ben that's an awesome idea! :) I like it, it'd be awesome to receive inspirational quotes every morning to start the day, haha thanks for your feedback btw! Happy Monday! ;)
@bntzio @garyvee Happy monday to you too!
It's kind of sad that this is not built with meta tags and content to be social media-share-friendly. More importantly - are these are supposed to be insightful or inspiring? They sound like things Trump would bark. May I suggest someone like Lao Tzu instead?
@pocius Whoops, forgot that, I'm on it. The wallpapers are supposed to act like a reminder when you look at ur iPhone, as it will constantly remind you of things you must do to achieve more.
@bntzio S'ok. It happens on lot on Product Hunt. It's the one thing I'd remind people before unleashing their stuff.
Pablum + bad grammar. A combo better suited for the people wearing tri-angle hats and yelling things at Trump rallies as opposed to something I put on my phone.
@andym_dc I get it, I just love minimalist design + garyvee. Inspirational quotes that work for me, but may not work well for others. About the grammar, I agree with that, it's very informal as well, but it motivates πŸ˜„.
This is a fun idea! It would be nice to be able to save the wallpaper right my phone. I'm at my laptop now, downloading a .zip or two.
@bgilham Yep I'm looking forward to it! Thanks Brian! Try setting your iPhone Wallpaper in Perspective mode, looks great that way. ;)
Thanks for making--this is a great to give people a kick in the ass
@workstationw πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ»