Game Of Angels

A force-directed graph showing key VCs interactions

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Thanks @divjpatel for posting it! Just a bit of background: I have been amazed by the ability that a fairly small group of "key opinion leaders" have to accelerate the momentum of a cool idea. I spent some time looking at their tweeter feeds and you quickly realise that indeed, many of them are connected with each other and interact a lot. I wanted to have a simple way to display this. Let me know if there is anything you’d want to see added. PS: @rrhoover initially I manually added you as well "just to see"… and I can tell you it’s amazing the traction you have :-). Since - as far as I know - you are not really an investor I had to remove your node for the production version to keep things “simple”.
@divjpatel @cam_pj oooo, I'm very curious. Any chance you can send me a snapshot of the results? You're right, I'm not an investor. The goverment won't let me.... and I don't really have money anyway. 😛
@divjpatel @rrhoover Done! Will push a version live when things "clam down" a bit (I am concerned the server might crash otherwise!). I think it really makes a difference when you can actually drag the nodes around to see the pull "power" they have on their connections.
@cam_pj just sent me a screenshot via email of my "VC mind map":
@cam_pj - this is super interesting. Who people follow and interact with on Twitter within the tech scene (and others) can be very revealing (cc @daniellemorrill) . I bet you can predict future funding announcements or at least have a pretty good guess which founders and VC's are talking. Several of the investors that funded us in the seed and series A followed and engaged with months before our revealed their involvement.
@daniellemorrill @rrhoover Oh... it is amazing! When I started this experimentation, I had no idea the level of interactions would be "that much". I was also doing this to look at how other geos and especially Europe (I am based in England) play in this... Unfortunately it is not looking really good so far. It could be that Angel List has a bit of a natural bias towards the US, but still. Some way to go for us here :-).
Awesome concept! Nice work! 👍🏻 @cam_pj its wonderful that you came up with this idea! It's fascinating how the connections are drawn from Twitter!
@divjpatel Thanks a lot for the kind words. It's funny how it really was just an "experiment" first... and the data itself made it really interesting and surprising I think (at least to me!).
@cam_pj any further plans with this "experiment"? Btw i really liked the name "Game of Angles" 👑
@divjpatel I do have plans, yes. For instance: - I'd love to find a proper way to show the interactions between geos. - I'd like to add a "journalists/influencers" layer (e.g. @rrhoover, @JoshConstine, etc). I think it could be fun. Let me know if there are other things you'd like to see!
@cam_pj I was actually looking for a product that does this as a way to identify influencers of other people. For example, if I wanted to get in touch with the super popular and hard to reach Jane Doe, I might be better off going through someone she listens to, that I might also have a connection with. There are plenty of applications for a product like this, some of which very relevant to what we're working on at Product Hunt. 😉
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan. It's really interesting. As a side note: I was really intrigued when I read your "Build your product in public" article ( I had never seen this in action myself. The amount of really good ideas and feedback I have been getting here makes me think it's definitely a genius idea (and the community here is amazing).
One more thing: it supports direct links to someone's influence map. Just add the Twitter handle to the URL. For instance: cc @hunterwalk
This would be very interesting if you also expanded to just normal people as well, through scraping Twitter data!
@tzhongg I am not sure what we can conclude from similar data for 'normal people'. It works when we are specific either for audience, or for goals (ideally for both - audience and goals).
@tzhongg nice idea! any plans on this? @cam_pj
@vingar Hmm, I just think it'd be cool for people to see who they interact the most with on Twitter, their "Twitter best friends" per se!
@vingar @tzhongg Thanks for the idea Tiffany. It's great! I would have to think how to do something like this though (or maybe others will have ideas as well?). Indeed, if you don’t restrict the graph somehow, you end up hitting the Twitter API's quotas fairly quickly. I guess a solution could be to make it async (i.e. request your graph and get it a few mins later or something). But again: thanks for sharing your thoughts!