Express yourself through your avatar in Augmented Reality


@lucasbouyoux · CEO & Co-Founder at Gabsee
Thanks so much @sanemavcil for hunting us. Months of work and play has gone into this. So great to see that you are enjoying playing with the app. It’s in beta for now aka still WIP. But we wanted to run our vision by you, to see if what has been driving us would make for a fun experience - unleashing the authentic You. The beauty of communication nowadays… See more
Max Ade
@adesome · Wilbur Labs, Ex-Googler
This is going viral in my friend group
Jeremy Melul
@jmelul · CEO & co-founder, JOGABO
Snapchat just got old #micdrop
Carlos Diaz
@carlosdiaz · Startup Therapist aka VC
I know the guys, kick-ass team! They are definitely onto something. This is not just a gadget, I am sure teens are going to become gabsholic...
Emmanuel Darmon
@emmanueldarmon · Cofounder, UNIYO
Love this app. Awesome way to share emotions with friends. The UX is super simple and intuitive. Good job!