Fyuse 2.0

Build amazing spatial photos with your iPhone

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This is one of the coolest apps I've seen in a long time. @thetylerhayes first showed me because it reminded him of Donut Selfie. I tried their beta app a while back which was a bit janky. This version seems way smoother and polished.
@karenxcheng That first Matrix-like Fyuse you took was awesome. Big ups Fyuse team. Still needs more UI <3 but this gets me going.
Thanks @thetylerhayes ! Would love to hear about UI tips and suggestions at fyuse@fyusion.com. We can make it happen ;)
It's exciting to think that we haven't created all possible file formats out there yet and that in 2014 there is still space for one more. For me this launch shows the tip of the iceberg... It shows what is possible with computational photography and how important it is for the evolution of photography in general. I'm personally addicted with the new app. More about the launch at http://blog.fyu.se
Wow this is really cool - didn't think picture apps could get any better. A whole new dimension to photos.
Very cool. Reminds me of Cycloramic too!
@tymrtn very very different than it though :)