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Get access to the documents you need, right when you need them, in a new tab. Connect FYI with G Suite, Slack, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, and more to search across the apps you use.

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Arjun Sethi
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  • Arjun Sethi
    Arjun SethiPartner @ Social Capital

    Perfect for keeping up to date w/ your core and personal workflow. It is the best product out there today.


    I love the timeline perspective. But if small changes are made... sometimes that could be a drag.

    I've been using this product for a while. If you are an individual that deals w/ a lot of product documents, designs, decks etc. There is no better product than this to use. I'm excited to watch this product evolve because it's a big need in the industry as more and more objects and documents get bifurcated across multiple organizations and accounts. In the new economy, in addition to accounts, you may also have multiple jobs and that becomes even more necessary to stay on top of your workflows. Great timing for a much needed product solving some hard problems.

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  • Pros: 

    I can finally find everything!


    I wish it wouldn't hijack my browser tab, wish there was a way to have it appear / unappear like other plugins.

    I've been using FYI for a few weeks and I don't know how to function without it. I've gotten other teammates addicted to it as well. If you've never used it, I highly recommend it - it's such a great search for all the things that live in the cloud - and as someone who has files that are constantly sent/received via slack and gdocs, it's a lifesaver.

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  • Waseem Aslam
    Waseem AslamDeveloper and Starter Upper

    All your documents in one place. No need to keep switching between document apps


    Maybe have an alternative layout to the current list.

    I haven't used this for that long but I just love the concept and I am not longer ignoring friends telling me they have uploaded their next great idea to dropbox. I can just access it when i want in one place.

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  • Júlio Paulillo
    Júlio PaulilloCo-founder & COO @ Agendor

    The search feature works better than Google Drive's one.


    It's not quite a con, but I've already suggested to be able to search files through URLs and integrate with Alfred Mac "Web Search".

    Fixing this, we'll be able to share FYI URLs, like "{query}" and integrate with Alfred Web Search. Overall, it's a great product!

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  • Matt Smith
    Matt SmithFounder, & Thinkific

    FAST, and always seems to know what document I want when I want it


    Searching inside documents would be useful

    I've been using this for over a month now, officially it's my favourite app as I basically start all my work from FYI. In every meeting I always have all the documents I need. Super slick interface, quick and frictionless.

    One of the best beta products I've ever tested. Great job!

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  • Will Hoekenga

    I don't have to go through the "did I put this in G Suite or Dropbox" routine anymore!


    Wish having it replace the new browser tab was optional.

    Super easy to install and get started. As a freelance copywriter, I'm swimming in documents across multiple clients and keeping track of where everything is can get hectic. So far, FYI has made it way easier to find things quickly when I need them.

    One small suggestion for Hiten and Marie -- would love to see some of that wonderful security info from the "Protecting Your Documents" page on the FYI site incorporated into the onboarding process. Would have definitely decreased the pangs of anxiety I felt as Google reminded me the level of access I was granting!

    Thanks for making FYI, and I'm excited to see where y'all take it from here!

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  • Ruben Gamez
    Ruben GamezFounder, Bidsketch

    Love the ability to search across my most used apps for docs. Also, the recent documents (across everything) list is invaluable.


    Tough to say. Super minor nit: the "lists" feature is super useful but sometimes I forget it's there

    I've been using FYI for a few weeks now and it's just part of how I work. Using another computer that doesn't have FYI installed is weird and emphasizes how valuable it is to have instant access to every file across my most used apps. It's not just that you have access to your files, it's that you can get to them in so many intuitive ways. Just makes sense. Feels like something that should've been built into the operating system.

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  • Miguel Perez
    Miguel PerezSoftware developer

    - Simple to use.

    - Polished UI

    - Easy to search across all your documents.


    I've gotten used to the fact that it removed my home tab.

    I already recommended it to some of my colleagues some of them use it more than I do. It all depends on the number of documents you need to open/update every day.

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  • Preston Badeer
    Preston BadeerEntrepreneur and Consultant

    Most of the time I don't even have to search, supports multiple accounts from the same provider.


    When you want to LIMIT your search due to many accounts. I'm not sure if you can?

    LOVE IT. I used to use Google Desktop Search to try to manage all my different accounts and document storage places. FYI instantly shows me all the recent documents across all my accounts, and I almost never even need to search.

    Every time I open it, my shoulders literally lower as I realize I don't have to dig for anything. It's saved me hours this week already.

    I never thought I would find a browser extension that would replace a tab manager (Toby for me) as my default "new tab" view, but FYI has done it.

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  • Ritu Raj
    Ritu RajSerial Entrepreneur

    one place to find all docs


    kind of a game changer, new paradigm

    its like switching to inbox by google or outlook where you have been putting things in folders, now you just search in one place, and stop worrying about where.

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  • Pros: 

    Seamless onboarding, slick UX and powerful functionality. I use Slack, Drive and Dropbox so this tool looks incredibly useful!


    The lines between work, personal and education can get a bit blurred sometime - it will be interesting to see how FYI evolves over time.

    I'm excited by this product because it solves a genuine pain point. I've spent WAY too much time down the document searching rabbit hole. It looks like FYI could save a lot of wasted energy jumping between apps 🙏

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  • Hunter Boyle
    Hunter BoyleFounder, Optimization Copilot

    Fast, intuitive way to find files by name, type or person/collaborators


    Haven't found any major ones

    Been using FYI for over a month and there's a lot to love -- chiefly, being able to access files faster than G Drive.

    The UI is uncluttered and intuitive, with the cascading timeline and functional sidebars much more streamlined than Google Drive. And while I can see that the lists and tags features will make it even more efficient, I haven't set up many of those yet.

    Maybe the UI here could use a few more tips/walkthroughs ... or perhaps more prominent beyond the initial install? Ultimately, I'm finding it tough to break the Google Drive open-tab habit, and without support for iCloud Drive, I'll often default to locating/creating files in those natively. Right now, I'm at about 50-50 between them and FYI.

    I'd love to know what else I might be missing that would change that ratio? In the meantime, I'm sharing FYI with collaborators to get their insights and see if and how we can use it more, and better.

    Kudos to the makers for working to solve this global problem.

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  • Utkarsh Sengar
    Utkarsh SengarDev Lead @upwork, ex-@OpenTable, @ebay

    Easy to use, very fast, secure, "Search by User" is genius


    File categorization (Lists, tags) feels like an afterthought and doesn't work for me.

    Been using it for 2 weeks now, its a perfect example of product market fit.

    Many products have tried to solve the problem (Cue, springboard) but FYI is really which fits my workflow and addresses my needs of finding the right document by CMD + T (new tab) and eyeballing the list of recently accessed files in drive.

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  • Steve Nathan
    Steve NathanCo founder at

    Now I can find both mine and shared docs easily . The interface is clean and easy to use. It just works & that's all you can ask.


    Non now that I have got used to it.

    Like other people who have made the same comment, it took me a little while to get used to the fact that it took over my browser tabs. Now that I am used to it I wouldn't go back.

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  • Gee Ranasinha
    Gee RanasinhaMarketing agency for start-ups and SMBs

    Speeds-up finding stuff by centralizing disparate cloud storage services into a single UI. Fast and easy.


    I used to have a bunch of links in my "New Browser Tab" window. I used them a lot (e.g. Calendar) They're gone now. Sniff...

    Not happy about having to give up my "New Window" Chrome links - which I use a bunch. If I could add them back in the left-hand menu in FYI I'd be a happy chappy

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  • Pros: 

    The first product truly solving this problem. Beautifully designed and incredibly performant.


    Need a few more integrations to cover all the places our knowledge exists

    We've tried lots of products trying to solve the multi-platform search problem. FYI is the best solution out there. It's right where you need it in your browser tabs, looks beautiful and is fast, effective and reliable. Can't wait for a few more integrations.

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  • Vinícius Mayrink
    Vinícius MayrinkProduct Manager, Samba Tech

    Easy to find docs and organize them through my many email accounts.


    I used to love Pocket's New Tab and have to make a choice now

    I've been using it for a few days and enjoying since one of my biggest challenges was organizing and finding documents on my Drive. The UX/UI is great and really intuitive.

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  • Kevin McDonald
    Kevin McDonaldSerial Entrepreneur. Startup addict.

    It found a doc I looking for. Customer (using term loosely) support was responsive and helpful. People search rocks.


    If you are using the Chrome Extension permissions will make you gulp as they are fairly aggressive.

    Can't see the corporate types allowing those Chrome permissions. Couldn't get Slack integration to work although I'm told it does work but only on attachments or similar constraint.

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  • Polly Rodriguez
    Polly RodriguezCo-Founder at Unbound

    helps organize an endless sea of documents across our org. i especially love the ability to search by PERSON bc that's how my mind thinks


    i'd love the ability to import a folder structure from google drive so it mirrors other platforms' nomenclature and format

    LOVE this product!!! our team makes it rain with google docs and this helps us stay more organized

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  • Diego Ventura
    Diego VenturaI help companies with ML and NLP.

    Faster than searching in Google Drive


    You'll need to change your habits for how you search for documents, but you get used to it.

    It has become one of those "can't leave without" tools

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