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#4 Product of the DayApril 30, 2015

All growing businesses run into the same fundamental problems. Losing track of your leads, buried under email, forgetting to followup. The good news? Funnel solves them all.

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Hey guys, Dragan here. Funnel is kind of my baby, it's also the first product coming out of our design shop Superawesøme. Basically Funnel is a CRM that works in the opposite direction than a standard CRM works. Traditionally you need to create a contact, add all their info, than create a deal/case, and place it in the sales funnel. In Funnel most of these things are taken care of automatically for you, because a deal (we call them cases) is created automatically every time someone submits your contact form. The contact information of the person who contacted you is also automatically stored in your contacts section. We believe that this really makes the concept of CRM more viable for freelancers, and small businesses like us. We've been using Funnel internally for over two years and it has helped our service business win new work tremendously. Since we're a design shop, the proposal feature is a killer for us. I will be here to answer any questions you guys might have. Worth noting is that all Product Hunters are eligible for a 50% discount should you decide to subscribe. Cheers!
@draganbabic Brilliant. Simply brilliant... and damn do I love the visual design. UI can be a little better if you edit a funnel. Simple things such as a preview button would be nice, I tend to click on things but then I make mistakes and stuff... But I'll have a closer look tomorrow. yo yo would love to use this and 'break it' so you can improve!
@draganbabic What is a case? Seems like a weird way to give access. Why not just 30 days or 20 contacts?
@joshdance a case is a deal. Every inquiry you receive through the contact form creates a case, or a potential deal if you will. Our initial trial was a standard 30 day trial, than we realized that this was a lousy way of experiencing the service, simply because someone may not even get to use a lot of it because they don't receive many inquiries through their contact forms. Having the trial last for 10 cases is a much better situation in our opinion, that gives you a piece of mind and relieves you of the time pressure. As for contacts, we honestly never even considered them as a metric for this. We're yet to start beefing up the contacts features.
Looks very promising. I'll be keen to try out the full product.
Nice work guys. Looks similar to ContactMe but with the proposal piece added on.
@haroon I will definitely check out ContactMe, as I haven't heard of them. Thanks!