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#1 Product of the DayJanuary 20, 2018

FundingPath collects funding and valuation data of famous tech companies and shows their growth trajectory visually.

In the future, other company metrics such as headcount, revenue and user numbers will be added to the company profiles.

  • Christopher Aumueller
    Christopher AumuellerCEO & Founder at FanWord

    - Easy to use

    - Great layout


    - Quantity of companies

    As a tech startup founder myself, I have always been interested in the funding rounds of various tech startups. Super cool to now have a resource that does deliver these information. Can't wait to see more companies on your platform. Keep up the great work

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  • Alex Vlasov
    Alex VlasovLogic peddler

    With-a-glance intuition at funding growth rates


    Needs more companies!

    It's really nice to have easy to look at graphs showing the trajectory of the funding that these companies managed to raise, sources are quickly consultable and it's interesting to get a sense of where these companies are headed, and especially how new ones in the future might grow.

    Alex Vlasov has used this product for one day.
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EmilMaker@emilkabisch · Co-Founder / Product @store2be
👋 Hey ProductHunters, I hope this one will be interesting to y'all 🤓 I created FundingPath because I've always been interested in the growth rates and metrics of private tech companies. The site collects funding and valuation data and visualises how company valuations evolved over time to illustrate their growth trajectory and downrounds. The data is collected from different news outlets, market analytics tools and in a few cases from rumours on Quora 😅 Crunchbase is often missing valuation data, services like Pitchbook or Mattermark require paid access and none of those sites visualises these metrics. In the future, I'm planning to add other interesting company metrics, such as: 💰 Revenue / multiples 📱 Users 💹 Data from IPO 👩‍💼👨‍💼 Headcount - and more to put the valuation into perspective. Let me know what company you'd like to see on FundingPath or share your feedback! Emil Special thanks to @peterfication for helping me out and @pascalstichler @KDHabibi for their feedback!
Ravi Srinivasan
Ravi Srinivasan@ravsydney · Founder -
Nice. Whilst visually the successful firms/unicorns show a hockey stick trajectory, a compare feature will be useful (say compare AirBnB with Dropbox).
EmilMaker@emilkabisch · Co-Founder / Product @store2be
@ravsydney good idea, I thought of adding a chart where all companies can be toggled on and off, what do you think?
Lawrence Lin Murata
Lawrence Lin Murata@lawlm · Founder/CEO of
@ravsydney @emilkabisch that'd be awesome!
Ha Duong
Ha Duong@haduong_ · Associate at Techstars Barclays '16
Super cool! :-)
Edward Vasquez
Edward Vasquez@edwardvasquezdr · Founder of
thx you for your work!
EmilMaker@emilkabisch · Co-Founder / Product @store2be
@edwardvasquezdr thank's for showing the appreciation!
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊
EmilMaker@emilkabisch · Co-Founder / Product @store2be
Thank's for the comment :-) @ayush_chandra