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#2 Product of the DayAugust 16, 2015
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Pierre Vannier
Pierre Vannier@pierre_vannier · Founder and CEO @flint
Wouldn't it be relevant to add mattermark in the "similar products" collection?
Vikas Ranjan
Vikas RanjanMaker@vikasr111 · Co-creator of @FundingHunt and @Emotify
Hello Makers and Hunters. It feels exciting to see FunidngHunt getting featured. Thanks @erictwillis for bringing us here. We created FundingHunt with a single aim to make reading and discussing startup funding stories really simple and fun. We all love to read and discuss startup funding, don’t we. It works as adrenaline for current and future entrepreneurs. I created this small product as one place where you can check out all the funding stories, post new stories, upvote funding event of companies you love and admire, dive into discussions and give your opinion at
Karthik K
Karthik K@imkarthikk · CEO of Skcript &
@vikasr111 Hey Vikas, nice little platform. I've got a few questions & suggestions. 1. I use Crunchbase & Crunchbase to track the funding of startups. How is it different from these sites? 2. I feel like the font-size is too big. Gives me less information than it is supposed to give. All the best mate. :)
Vikas Ranjan
Vikas RanjanMaker@vikasr111 · Co-creator of @FundingHunt and @Emotify
@imkarthikk Great to have your response :) Here are few points that make FundingHunt distinct: 1. Crunchbase and Crunchbase-like platforms are more data-centric as they give you exhaustive feed of startups with the amount of funding raised, while FundingHunt is a story-centric platform, which is more human way to consume this kind of information. 2. FundingHunt provides you Reddit/ProductHunt like features to post, upvote and discuss the funding stories of companies you love and admire, which are more engaging and unique. Your feedback about font size is appreciated and duly noted. Since on front page we just show the headlines of the funding stories to keep it clean. We'll certainly improve this experience as per users' feedback.
Vincent Koc
Vincent Koc@koconder · Startup Marketing Guru & Journalist
@vikasr111 awesome work :)
Vikas Ranjan
Vikas RanjanMaker@vikasr111 · Co-creator of @FundingHunt and @Emotify
Thanks @koconder :)
Peter Thomson
Peter ThomsonHiring@peterjthomson · Digital Strategist
Great Idea. Will be interesting to see how this evolves with more conversations about each round.
Vikas Ranjan
Vikas RanjanMaker@vikasr111 · Co-creator of @FundingHunt and @Emotify
@peterjthomson Feels awesome that you liked it. We are just getting started and would love to make FundingHunt more engaging and useful. We are also looking for few moderators for this.
Vikas Ranjan
Vikas RanjanMaker@vikasr111 · Co-creator of @FundingHunt and @Emotify
I have written a medium post about FundingHunt, which also got featured on the cover page of a popular publication. Read here
Zalán Józsa
Zalán Józsa@zazaalaza · Entrepreneur