easy financial modeling

@carlosbff @adamslieb @ryanhoover I just added Finance Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs -- I walk through how to build a customized financial model. Check it out!
It's basically an excel file with pre-configured pivot tables and graphs. I like it. Do you use this, @carlobff?
I like this. Not that it is perfect but what a great quick start experience.
Mmm. I can see a lot of incubators and accelerators pointing newbies to something like this to kick things off.
Maybe I am slow. How do you get something OUT of this? I don't see a save/export or anything? I love the idea of special use case tools for entrepreneurs (CC:Founder suite). This seems exactly like a preconfiged excel file, and I think that is awesome. I just can't figure out what the heck to do with it?