FullContact for iOS

Better contact management for your iPhone and iPad

FullContact for iOS is a better contact management experience for your iPhone. It merges duplicates, updates contacts with social profiles, and keeps your Google Contacts, iPhone Contacts, Exchange Contacts, and iCloud Contacts in sync.

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Hey y'all. Super happy to have FullContact named in the Sales Tools Collection. Now you can have FullContact on your iPhone and iPad too.
@bradmccarty And the "making email suck less" collection as well
@bradmccarty I'm having a hard time logging in to the iOS app, both through native and Google sign in. Known issue?
@chrismessina Yep. A bit too much love it would seem. We're working on a fix and spooling up for more capacity now. Sorry for the problems, Chris. Oh, and love your blog post from earlier.
@bradmccarty got it working! Cheers!
I love it and use it every day. Especially like the bi-directional sync between local address book (where I add phone numbers), FC on iPhone --> into Google contacts --> inside my Gmail - all nice and clean and seamless! Very awesome!
@bradmccarty you guys and gals have been busy after just having launched the Chrome extension for Gmail. 😄 Admittedly, the contacts on my phone are a mess. I'm curious if you can share any info what your long-term plans are and what you might do with all this data once you have several thousand (or eventually millions) of people importing their contacts. Ie, please share your plans of world domination.
@rrhoover Hah! Great question Ryan. tl;dr answer - If there are contacts, FullContact will be there. Longer version: So the first thing to know is that we already have literally billions of contact records under management. That's a position of a lot of power, and of course great responsibility. But our overarching goal is simple - We want you to be awesome with people. The long-tail story is a bit more interesting, as you might suspect. Right now there's no single source of record for the world's contact information, and it's a problem that's growing every day as new networks emerge. We want FullContact to be the name that people trust when it comes to backing up, syncing and unifying your contacts across every platform, no matter what device you're using. So what't the road ahead look like? Our product map is probably the most obvious thing in tech. Do people use a platform to connect with other people? Then we want to be there. FullContact for Mac and Android are coming soon, and you can bet that we're already figuring out FullContact for Outlook, Exchange, Hotmail, etc. Happy to answer any other questions.
Kind of reminds me of https://refresh.io/, at least the "add context to your contacts" piece of it. Both seem like great options to keep track of who you're surrounding yourself with. I wonder if it would be useful to be able to remind yourself to follow up with somebody at a certain date when you are adding them as a contact.
@ptaylorsimpson That puts us in good company, Pete. We're big fans of Refresh, and even wrote about them early in their life: https://www.fullcontact.com/blog... Using Refresh + FullContact would be a great way to not only know who you're meeting, but then take notes about them and stay in touch after the fact.
An update for you - With the newest version of FullContact for iOS, you can now keep your contacts in sync across multiple Google accounts. https://www.fullcontact.com/blog...