FullContact for Chrome

Context for your contacts without leaving your inbox.

#4 Product of the DayAugust 30, 2017

FullContact for Chrome puts smart insights about your contacts alongside your Gmail & Inbox email.

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  • Benny LewisFounder of Fluent in 3 Months

    Most practical contact management system I've come across in general while also hovering à la Rapportive (before LinkedIn devalued that)


    Can conflict with other Gmail plugins, but I guess that comes with the territory. Catching the email address better/quicker would be ideal.

    I've tried a bunch of systems, and ultimately just need an easy way to handle CSV files that I can create in a customisable way, while accessing them on the go and through Gmail on the side. Hovering over email gives me the info I need. Impressed and glad to see it continue to improve!

  • Marek PasiecznyMarketing Analyst @Futuramo

    - Good insight about your contacts

    - Easy to use 'add to contacts' feature

    - Using of search when it's more contacts or CC recipients



    Good alternative for eg. Rapportive etc.


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Travis Todd@travis_todd · Co-Founder at FullContact
Hello Product Hunters. We are excited to share our redesigned Chrome Extension with you today! I’m Travis, Co-founder of FullContact and GM overseeing the apps we build to help individuals and teams manage their contacts. Our Chrome Extension has been a longtime fan favorite for Gmail and Inbox users. Through our extension, we bring enhanced contact profiles right into your email workflow. With this redesign, we are also launching (and updating) a few key features: -Complete Context for Who You’re Emailing: View social profiles, company and work information, and more without leaving Gmail or Inbox. -Support for FullContact for Teams Functionality: Subscribers of FulllContact for Teams can now view shared tags, notes, and see who specific contacts are ‘known by’ on your team. Let us know what you think! Travis
Alula Tolo@tolothere · Entrepreneur searching for freedom.
@travis_todd I really love the product. Thanks
Travis Todd@travis_todd · Co-Founder at FullContact
@tolothere Thanks, let us know if there is anything that we could improve to make it better for you!
Patrick Coombe@patrickcoombe · CEO, Elite Strategies Llc
@travis_todd weird I don't see a link on PH? "get?"
Travis Todd@travis_todd · Co-Founder at FullContact
@patrickcoombe PH changed their UI. Under the "up vote" button (top right of screen) is a link to our website and the chrome store listing.
John Doherty@dohertyjf · Founder, Credo (GetCredo.com)
Awesome. I've used FullContact off and on over the years for a variety of tasks related to user research. The team has always been great to deal with, and I love that it's being built from Denver! Keep up the great work, FC team.
Travis Todd@travis_todd · Co-Founder at FullContact
@dohertyjf Thanks John!
Andrii Khakhariev@akhakhariev · Apps that make copy better!
Sounds and looks impressive. Gonna try it!
Travis Todd@travis_todd · Co-Founder at FullContact
@akhakhariev Let us know what you think!
Andrii Khakhariev@akhakhariev · Apps that make copy better!
@travis_todd I will, Todd
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great stuff!! Looking forward to using it soon
Travis Todd@travis_todd · Co-Founder at FullContact
@ayush_chandra Great! Let us know what you think.
Tom BluePro@tomblue · SaaS 1000 Founder
@travis_todd - So is this a brand new product or an upgrade to your current chrome extension? If an upgrade what is improved? I would love to include it in my digest that covers the latest and greatest in Sales Technology. https://www.getrevue.co/profile/... - Feel free to email me at tom @ l4mail.com.
Travis Todd@travis_todd · Co-Founder at FullContact
@tomblue This is an upgrade to our chrome extension. A few of the major items include: - A new user experience that more closely matches the UX of our web application. - We've removed the tabbed navigation structure and added insights that display on the contact record. - We've integrated the extension to work with our Teams offering which is designed to allow small teams to collaborate around the people they know. Hillary from our team will reach out to you with more details.