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#5 Product of the MonthAugust 2015

Brand management is now made easy with Frontify! Frontify is a software for branding and simplifying the whole process of design.

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Hey out there! Seems that we've put our energy into something that other people also like. That feels very good at this moment. So thank you all for your upvotes! We really appreciate that.
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@afischler awesome this tool is magic for creating instant marketing it ❤
Big compliments for the product as well as the pricing - This is ideal for a freelancer to work with the free plan :)! (there's a tremendous amount of tools out there which work well for a freelancer, but a monthly price for each quickly adds up).
@svenlen Thanks for your feedback. Our utmost priority was that freelancer should able to create and distribute style guides on a free basis - with all the available features. I'm eager to learn about your experiences with Frontify - I think you'll find it a valuable timesaver as UI/UX designer and your clients will love it for its reusability. =)
@josipbud Happy to give feedback as I start using it with my clients. :)
@svenlen @josipbud hey, I guess you've changed your pricing model since then? The cheapest plan I see is $29 /mo for 1 style guide only 😅
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Awesome! This is helpful.
This looks interesting! Putting one of these together yourself isn't necessarily a ton of work, but I'm excited to try this out and see how much easier/better it is! By the way, I'd suggest you had a top navigation background of some kind, even if translucent, as the page content goes behind the top nav buttons and what not and it looks janky/broken. Here's a screenshot to let you know what I'm referring to:
@theericanderson There's a lot to discover, let me know if you want to get some insights. Thanks for your feedback on the website, we'll look into it.
Rich functionality and great design.