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This book is based on a series of conversations Steli and I had about growing B2B startups from zero to thousands of paying customers. We've both done this repeatedly, with different companies, and we've started to see patterns emerge. It's very useful to break down the growth into distinct stages, and realize that each stage requires different ways of growing your business. In this book, you get a practical framework that you can apply to your own startup. We understand that founders are busy, so we've kept this short and sweet and focused on the most important things. Download the book for free, set aside 20 minutes to read it, and get to work! (And if you have questions, post them here in the comments - both Steli & I will respond).
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@hnshah Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and putting out awesome free content! You and Steli are the smartest and the most charismatic SaaS leaders out there.
"In the next 24 hours, ask at least 10 people to be your customer. It doesn’t matter who they are and it doesn’t matter what they say. The important thing is that you train yourself to take action." Amen to that. "Always ask for the business" is one of the best pieces of advice you'll get, but it's one that trips people up most consistently. Has to be practiced.
@ethanhays Love this quote #ActionWins
I got my copy! Looking forward to reading this. 😀 I'm curious to learn more on the ROI on this lead gen. Why do eBook over a blog post? (or series of blog posts) It would be cool if you guys did a post on the ROI of your content marketing. I'd love to learn more about that too. I'm a ultra n00b to this area.
@james_osullivan :) Great question. It's not either-or. We published the episodes for the podcast, and then turned the episodes into blog posts, and then turned the blog posts into this ebook. I'd suggest you read this book on content marketing by Hiten as well → https://hitenism.com/content-mar... (it's free)
@ramin Ah, I see. That makes sense and that's really smart. Thanks for link!
@james_osullivan @ramin Aside from repurposing the content (and promoting different formats through different channels), delivering an e-book allows them to "lock" the content by collecting an e-mail address before you get access to it. With blog posts, you don't collect any info unless the visitor voluntarily gives it to you, which is far less often. Have to say though, I'm a bit disappointed with this e-book. I was expecting a bit more than 21 pages and much of it is already common sense that I knew already. Not to knock you guys, just offering some feedback. Maybe it's helpful for extreme beginners.
@dandanflood @james_osullivan Thanks for the candid feedback, Danny! What are some more difficult & advanced questions that you'd like to hear more about? Hiten & Steli will do a follow up episode where they answer next-level questions :)
@ramin @james_osullivan For me, a valuable book is like something what my friends Vincent Dignan and Austin Allred are doing: https://www.indiegogo.com/projec... I don't have any specific questions, but I think it would be crazy to create an acquisition strategy based on a 21 page guide, if it's that size it should focus on something more specific IMO. Your company helps people "close" right? So why not focus solely on that? What's the biggest frustration your market has? Maybe they get leads but they can't close them, they disappear or don't sign a contract? I'm not really sure, but maybe something like that.
Any product produced my Steli and Hiten is going to be value added and worth your investment in time. @steli @hnshah
Thanks a lot for sharing. Very helpful.