Fretello Stage

Jam, record and share your music in the blink of an eye

Fretello Stage is your virtual band, private recording studio and personal stage to jam, record and share your music.

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Hi, it's been exactly one year since we launched our first big app Fretello Lead on Product Hunt to help you become the guitar player you've always wanted to be. Music is meant to be heard and with our second big app Fretello Stage we want to give musicians the chance to make music with a band and create high quality recordings they can share within the blink of an eye. The app provides you with 7k+ high quality backing tracks from pop, rock, blues and metal, lets you record your jam sessions with studio like quality using your phone's microphone and creates awesome videos you can share with your friends. The app's video diary keeps track of your jam sessions and informs you whenever a friend watches and likes your jams. Please don't hesitate to try the app, it's 100% free! I'd be happy to answer any questions or feedback you have! Cheers, Florian
Hi, this looks promising. Can I use Stage with any instrument or even sing to a track? Thomas
@tbirn thanks for asking. Yes you can. Our recording tech works similar to Cubase or Logic Pro, however it does the mixing and the mastering automatically. It dynamically adapts to the input of your phone's microphone so you can use your acoustic or electric guitar, but also a saxophone or sing to the tracks.
Hej guys, great app you've developed there! How many backing tracks does the app support and how are they created? - Martin
@martinhellwagner good question! There are 7000 different backing tracks from pop, rock, blues and metal and we're going to introduce more genres and stages in the future. The cool thing about the app is that the tracks are not pre-recorded but created by the app dynamically.
Hi! Are there plans to bring the app to Android? Best, Stefan
@stefanm, absolutely. Android is already in QA and will be released in about two weeks.
Hello, Definitely awesome app! Smooth onboarding, good UX! I liked the diversity of backing tracks, Question: -Can I share my jams on other platforms than Facebook?
@bonc Hi Bahadir, currently we only support Facebook. The reason therefore is that we can keep track of your audience so the app will notify you about new watchers and likes directly in the app's video diary. But we'll certainly add support to share videos on other platforms in the future.