Get your ideal haircut. Again and again.

#5 Product of the DayMay 04, 2018

Ever had a problem telling your hairstylist how you want your haircut? With FreshCut, you can save and show your favorite past haircuts to any hairstylist for the perfect re-creation!

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  • Ben TseytlinLoveTap founder

    I never know what to say to my hairdresser - and usually get it wrong. It would help me nail down my favorite haircuts!


    It's not on Android yet!

    I like the idea. Very focused towards what it does, so i'd hope that it's lightweight/quick to open and show my hairdresser.

    Is it possible to enlargen the pictures of my past haircuts in case my hairdresser's eyesight isn't too good?

    Ben Tseytlin has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    Easy to use UI, simple concept, declutters photo library, improved user organization


    No cloud storage (local only)

    Great simple app for remembering your haircuts in one place. Saves me time from scrolling through my photo library look for my latest haircut pictures. Novel idea!

    Breanna Bredesen has used this product for one month.


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Kai KurodaMaker@kai_kuroda · First time launcher
Hey Product Hunt community! I’m excited to announce my first launch today with the ‘FreshCut’ app! I built FreshCut to help others solve a problem I personally had: “It’s hard to explain a past haircut you’ve gotten to your hairstylist.” I tend to get the same haircut every time, and trying to explain what I want was never easy. I also didn't know what hairstylists actually would find useful. Do I just bring one picture? Perhaps two? So after interviewing many stylists, I built an app that helps you get your ideal haircut every time. With FreshCut, you can save and show your favorite past haircuts to any hairstylist for the perfect re-creation in 3 easy steps: 1. Cut - Go get a haircut. 2. Save - If you like your cut, use the app’s guided process to quickly record your haircut profile. 3. Repeat - Easily present your haircut profile next time you get a haircut from any barber for a perfect, fresh cut. I hope you enjoy it and I’d love to hear any feedback on the app you have so I can keep improving FreshCut! I'm here to answer all of your questions! Thanks! -Kai *Also, big thanks to @_maxdeutsch for his help and hunting FreshCut! You can read more about my journey in building this here:
Aniruddha Mishra@ani7ruddha · Growth Marketing Manager @ MoneyTap
@_maxdeutsch @kkuroda @kai_kuroda Great Product Kai. All the best. Do DM me if you need help in user acquisition of this product.
Thomas Groutars@thomgroutars · Founder @ Caffee
Sorry, but it makes me think of this 😅
Austin Schneider@austinthecoder · Developer
@thomgroutars I agree. Take a picture of your favorite cut. Jot some notes in Notes. Done.
Sven van der Zee@svenvdz · Founder AcceptCrypto
Haha, nice little tool for a real world problem
Kai KurodaMaker@kai_kuroda · First time launcher
@svenvdz Thanks! Let me know if you have any additional feedback or suggestions!
Sven van der Zee@svenvdz · Founder AcceptCrypto
@kai_kuroda Can't use it unfortunately, so my feedback is make an Android version.
Kai KurodaMaker@kai_kuroda · First time launcher
@svenvdz Sorry about that Sven :( I'll definitely consider that for the future. Thanks!
Rodrigo Vasconcelos@rodrigo_vasconcelos
Any plans for getting this on Android?
Kai KurodaMaker@kai_kuroda · First time launcher
@rodrigo_vasconcelos Hi Rodrigo, as of now, not immediately yet, but if people find enough benefit from the iOS version I'll definitely work on that!
Davis Baer@daviswbaer · Head of Growth at
Interesting idea... Maybe would use if I went to the barber, but I cut my own hair because: A) I dont like other people touching me and all up in my face. B) I want the ability to shower immediately after cutting my hair - otherwise it feels like I'm covered in my own hair all day.
Kai KurodaMaker@kai_kuroda · First time launcher
@daviswbaer Totally understand! That got me thinking though, how do you (as someone who has the wizardry to cut their own hair) maintain a consistent haircut every time? Do you just eye it in the mirror, or do you have some routine you follow?
Davis Baer@daviswbaer · Head of Growth at
@kai_kuroda Well I just use clippers to cut my hair, so that makes things eaiser, but normally I use the "double mirror" technique for the back, and then use the "ask the wife" technique to make sure I don't look terrible :)
Kai KurodaMaker@kai_kuroda · First time launcher
@daviswbaer Haha I see! Those seem like definitely some advance techniques. I'll have to try cutting my own hair too sometimes. I'm just too afraid it'll look terrible the first time, but oh well I guess that's part of learning how to cut your own hair...