Free open source Help Scout / Zendesk alternative

Free open source clone of Help Scout: help desk, shared mailbox, email management and analytics. FreeScout is a pure PHP7+MySQL application which can be easily deployed even on a shared hosting.

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5 Reviews5.0/5

I discovered Freescout on where I was looking for a replacement of Freshdesk. Very surprised to discover this one! I used to use Helpscout when it was free and very existed by this open source project. Very similar to Helpscout so it was a question of minutes for me to configure and use the application... Can't wait to see what is next for this app.


Very easy to install Very easy to configure Very easy to use - similar to helpscout


It is an open source project so update can be sporadic. Missing reports but it is on the roadmap. No idea who is behind this project.

Is there a mobile application or is it mobile friendly?
@brucekraftjr no mobile app and work well on mobile (tablet and phone).
@wpexpertca awesome. Can we white label the backend dashboard?
@brucekraftjr not out of the box but you have access to the code so you can easily change it but except free scout logo, the rest is clean and you can put your own smtp, email, signature etc... on tickets nothing refer to freescout
@wpexpertca well that will lower the adoption rate by agencies if they can't replace their logo with yours. There's no way to replace that for a fee?
@brucekraftjr Soon we will add an option to change logo and favicon. You can also suggest new features here or here