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As I designer everything about this makes me cringe! But for those who don't have design software, I guess it makes a lot of sense!
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Hi all, I made these a while back when brainstorming logos. Strangely I often find it easier/quicker to create mockups using Powerpoint rather than using other more traditional design programs. Anyways, hopefully some of you will find them useful - the idea is to use the logos as a starting point to help kickstart the design process, i.e. download them, modify them & get the creative juices flowing. If needs be you can then take your idea/design to a proper designer (not me!) and they can help you take it to the next level!
@mattnunney Thank you so much for sharing.
@mattnunney Do you have any plans to add other formats (.psd, .sketch, | .jpg, .png, etc....)?
@tristanisham Hi Tristan, yes I'd like to add .psd when I get a chance, although it kind of goes against the whole idea of using powerpoint as a quick sketchpad/design tool instead of other tools. Will definitely look into it if people would find it useful.
My first thought was "PowerPoint?" Nothing good can come from PowerPoint. Then I saw the logos and thought "holy crap." "What can't this guy do?" "Get Matt a copy of Illustrator or Sketch.
Cool idea, especially dividing them into different categories. Would be a great tool (if more logos and categories/options are added) to show a client what kind of logos there are. If I would need inspiration on logos, I would use Pinterest. But if you somehow work out those categories, it could be a really helpful tool. :)
Ugh, I hate these MAKE FREE LOGO things.
@matthewdoane It's not a MAKE FREE LOGO thing
@paulmcclean Oh, right, it's a FREE MINIMAL LOGO thing.