Framer Inventory 3 for Sketch

Import states & export prototypes from Sketch to Framer

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Timur Nurutdinov
Maker of Framer Inventory
Hi guys, Framer Inventory is a Sketch plugin what provides a new way to import into Framer. Instead of just importing layers from one screen, you can get information from several at once and get Layers with States. Consists of two big actions: 1. IMPORT STATES Choose layers & run to import layers, selected states or all states. Paste generated code from clipboard. – Pixels & points support – Relative layers: get coordinates to parent Artboard or parent Group – Devices support: ready for Desktop/iOS/Android prototyping 2. EXPORT PROTOTYPE Have you used a Keynote for prototyping? It’s quite the same but like you organize scene of slides in Sketch and create motion in Framer with a any logic you need. – Custom code: expand generated prototypes with your own logic – Reimport: your Custom code will be saved on reimport If you have any questions, you are welcome! Hope you'll enjoy using Framer Inventory! Timur