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Koen Bok
Maker of Framer
Hi guys! Today, we’re super excited to introduce Framer Flows. When it comes to micro-interactions, Framer has always had your back. But it’s time we filled a bigger role in your design workflow. In this release, we’ve made it significantly easier for you to design multi-screen prototypes, giving you the power to focus on both big picture and the small details. Read more on the blog post! https://blog.framerjs.com/posts/...
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Kunal Bhatia
Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
@koenbok Now there should be less hesitation from designers to go with Framer. So excited when I saw the email earlier today. "flow.showNext(layerA)" ain't so daunting!
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Jonathan Simcoe
Futurist, with reservations. //////\
@koenbok Superb effort from you and the whole team. This feature is much needed and is so simple to use.
You've been pumping out some amazing features this year. Great work!
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@Anna ShamkovaEmail Marketing Manager
Hello! Please tell me - it's only design, not a creation the app? Or I can really create an app for iOS and android? Thank you.