Framer Effects

Multiple shadows, filters, blurs, and blending modes.

With the launch of Framer Effects, we’ve unleashed a world of possibilities for the designer who craves richer visual design features. Our enhanced toolkit now comes with blending modes, layer blur, multiple shadows, photo filters and more. Over 100 new ways to style directly in Framer.

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6 Reviews5.0/5
Hi! Thanks for checking out our latest update. Let me know if you have any questions.
I'm primarily UX, so I won't be using this as much. But I love how you keep putting out features. And I keep noticing enhancements to the framer.js documentation and site, which is making this product almost indispensable for my prototyping work.
This is great. My ability to quickly create high-fidelity designs in Framer is changing my workflow and making my stakeholder management, user testing and developer handoff processes far smoother. Every update literally takes me away from Sketch more.
Going to start importing and recreating a couple design systems from Sketch, then Framer will be my all-in-one for personal and client work. Great job as usual!
hey Slim didn't realize you were working on Framer, congrats on the launch