Framer Auto-Code Animation

Visually manipulate and fine-tune animations in code.

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Koen Bok
Maker of Framer
Hi, Koen from Framer here. This is part of our secret plan to teach everyone how to code. Ask me anything you like!
Benjamin den Boer
I design, code and prototype at Framer.
Hi all! We're super excited to finally share this with you all. Earlier this year, we introduced Auto-Code, an all-new way to design with Framer. Today we're releasing the next part, Auto-Code Animation. A new feature that allows you to visually manipulate and fine-tune animations. We really hope you like it. :-)
Pedro Wunderlich
Build everything. Stay healthy!
I love Framer. It's our go to prototyping app, I recommend it over all others for its flexibility that designing in code offers. Most designers I encounter feel intimidated by Framer, thinking they need to master code before being able to use it. But it's super easy to get started. And with every update it only gets better and better (these guys ship new feature after new feature all the time). Yea, I'm all praise. Congrats on the animation auto-code launch. It's gonna save me a few minutes.
very cool!