Found Money™ by Acorns

Now brands are investing in you too.

#4 Product of the DayMay 16, 2016
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Good morning PH! Big day for the Acorns crew. Just over 1.5 years of work has come to a point as we released Found Money on Android and iOS. Once we get Max Ukropina approved as a contributor to this product, he'll be the one to ask any and all questions about Found Money.
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Looks cool, I've been using the Acorns app for ~a month and it's been very useful. This seems like an interesting step forward. What sort of brands do you think you'll integrate next?
@swetzequity I'm in the dark on which partners are in the line up. What sorta companies would you wanna see?
Love this idea! Been a user and fan of Acorns for over a year and love the service. Keep up the great work.
@adam_hendle thanks Adam for liking what we do! If you have any feedback on F$, feel free to send it my way 👏🏻
come to Canada :)
Love the idea, but I don't use any of these companies. How about a Blue Bottle Coffee partnership? ☕️😊
@jkdncn Thanks, Jake! We love the product and are proud of our launch partners. We are looking forward to adding more rad partners in the near future. Let us know about other partnerships you'd like to see.
@maxukropina certainly didn't mean any disrespect to your partners! In fact, a couple of them may have inspired me to make my first purchase with them. 😸 Keep up the great work! Again, love the idea and product. Those round-ups have really been adding up!