Find and clean out all your old unused files

Clean out old and unused files from your computer. Quickly browse through your old stuff and preview the file’s contents. Decide if you want to archive or delete using easy to use keyboard shortcuts.

- Take back control of your Documents folder

- Find, delete or archive your old files

- Quickly preview your files before deleting or archiving

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4 Reviews5.0/5
looks great! any chance there are some gift codes for the community?
Why do I have a feeling that any app focused on Apple products and platform are quickly featured on PH? I can't test this app because I am a Windows and Android user, so how come can I rate the app?!
@traveler Remember 20 years ago when every program was made exclusively for Windows. My how the tables have turned.
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@traveler Making different versions of an app for every platform is a lot of work. Not everyone has a big enough engineering team to do so.🤷‍♂️
@traveler I think the maker just decided to start with Apple - I guess he owned one. If it catches up then we will have a windows version too! ;)
Can this do anything other/better than cleanmymac?
@jonas_petermann Fossils is focused on previewing your files before deciding to delete or archive them. Fossils also looks for old files but is way faster and less expensive.
@diederikh Yeah, price point is a good argument but never had any speed issues with CMM...
Love the clean interface! Can I achieve a complete folder/multiple folders at once?
@kartikdadwal Nope. It's just on a file by file basis. It's difficult to preview a whole folder. Fossils is all about deciding to archive or delete a file based on the contents, not just its filename.