Fort Minor - Welcome [360 Official Video & Single]

The new 360/VR Music Video from Mike Shinoda's Fort Minor

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Super excited to launch our first single on Product Hunt. There isn't a more appropriate artist to launch with than Mike Shinoda of Fort Minor (and Linkin Park), who's been in the tech game for quite a bit. Stay tuned for a podcast episode with him. UPDATE: Mike will be giving an AMA at 10 AM PST! Ask some questions in advance :)
@mikeshinoda Pretty awesome to hear about you guys opening up Machine Shop. Curious about your investment strategy.
@toddsaunders @eriktorenberg The fund is a way for us to deepen our relationship with the tech community, to learn, and to support smart people and innovative ideas. To get more granular, we're interested in consumer-facing tech that is on-brand with Linkin Park. We've already invested in Robinhood, Shyp, Lyft, and Blue Bottle Coffee.
@mikeshinoda If you think you'd dig a browser extension that turns your post field in Facebook, Twitter and lots of sites into a multimedia content-crafter (gif, emoji, images, influencer-tagging, etc.), please kick the tires on and ping me (I'm osakasaul everywhere.) The song and video and wonderful, BTW; I'm sure you're going to be beckoned to play Japan again.
What's been your philosophy on signing or managing artists? is it still of interest? what are the key qualities of artists do you look for -- what in their work or personality?
@eriktorenberg Not managing or signing artists anymore. Figured it's better to just focus our attention on the varied interests of our own band and its members!
@mikeshinoda ! this song & video are πŸ”₯!! Can only imagine how cool it is on VR. What's next for you? Are we getting an album? Please πŸ˜ƒ
@mscccc No album at this moment--putting out the song as a standalone felt right, as opposed to making a whole album and waiting to put everything out (which is the usual chain of events). I feel like this is a more modern approach: when I've got something to share--a song, video, or whatever--I share it! Make sure to follow me on your favorite social media to be in the loop. Snapchat: MikeShinodaLive
@mikeshinoda @mscccc I'd love to hear thoughts from your experience pushing turntablism more into the mainstream (your own work with LinkinPark, collabs w/ JayZ, X-Ecutioners). How was that experience from your perspective? And how do you think of those efforts in the context of music that came before and after?
@staringispolite i just saw this....Jonathan you are a MASTER at text rapping. i need to get you ghostwriting.
@mikeshinoda: This is awesome! So glad you're doing this. Just wanted to say that I loved your thoughts on streaming in recent interviews and I'm glad you're an artist that's staying ahead of the curve.
@jasonbarone Thanks! I think there's room for multiple services, since all of us listen to music differently (and have different "monthly budgets" to spend on music, ha!)
Hey @mikeshinoda, What's your take on Apple Music?
@brentsum The three standout elements, to me: 1.) $15 family plan for up to 6 people, 2.) Apple Music Connect, and 3.) Beats One live worldwide *with amazing DJs and curated playlists* Both Apple and Spotify need to make it easier to edit playlists on mobile. It's too cumbersome (read: impossible) to move and delete groups of tracks. If they want you to "live" in that app, it needs to be as easy or better than the desktop version. As for "freemium / Ad supported not paying enough" (Spotify, Pandora), I think that ought to be more directed at the users than the company. Users of free streaming are almost in the same boat as people who pirate songs--I feel like it's a behavior that just "is"...either because they haven't been taught to respect the creators by paying for the art, or because the user simply can't afford to buy what they want to listen to. Either way, I'd prefer that person use freemium streaming over illegally downloading.
@mikeshinoda great points, thanks! agree there is a huge opp. for the first player who makes mobile playlists easy to build.
@mikeshinoda Your thoughts on this are really interesting to hear and much appreciated (Hybrid Theory was my anthem to high school). But I don't agree with the opinion that it's the user's fault. If free streaming is bad, then the company shouldn't offer it. You can't blame consumers for taking an option (the default option) that is put before them. It's like the design of anything. If a user is doing something the product designer didn't intend, it's the product's fault.