Google forms alternative with a focus on privacy

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 15, 2019 is a simple, privacy-focused alternative to tools like Google Forms and Typeform. Users no longer have to risk sharing their data with a centralized service and can ensure that the privacy of both the creator and the respondent is upheld.

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Hello everyone! I'm Bryce, the developer of Forms.Id . Thanks for checking out the product ๐Ÿ˜ƒ was built because I am displeased with the business model of large software organizations : the sale of private, user data. Every piece of data that passes through Google's tools is a piece of data that can be sold or used to control and/or affect your attention. It is time for users to regain control of their data by using software that values them. is powered by Blockstack, a technology stack that assists in just that. The tool allows users to create simple forms and surveys that can be shared with a simple link. All responses are encrypted and only the owner of the form can decrypt and view the data. Data can currently be exported to an Excel file. Please let us know how this tool can be better improved for your use, or if you have any questions about the product!
@thebryc3isright Hey, I was wondering if you're thinking of whitelabeling this product for commercial use?
@itai_neter While not in an explicit roadmap, our strategy would include potentially whitelisting the product, and/or providing more powerful features for business/enterprise customers.
Cool Project! Excited to try!
Looks good Jeremy!
Looks super interesting. Are there any sumarrizing tools or visual outputs? Or just excel csv for now?
@armand_wilson1 not yet - for now just excel/csv
Great idea within the good privacy philosophy @thebryc3isright ! Would suggest to incorporate direct feedback on form input cells e.g. when an email address is required, but missing @ or extension. Could also have autocomplete suggestions.
@ipears Thank you so much for your feedback. We definitely want to add more validation and usability features on the form side of things!