Create complex forms in Figma in a few clicks

Forma is an interactive form in Figma created from building blocks that allow to easily swap them out for any component you need for your next form, either for web or mobile. It’s super easy to use, is customizable, adaptive & supports one and two columns
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Advertise yourself as a Figma addon rather than just a standalone app. Confused me at first.


Landing page


Isn't clear that it's only for Figma

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Definitely thought the logo glyph was a hamburger icon and was confused when it didn't do anything at first 😅
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@ridderingand_ ha-ha, yeah, I saw my heat map showing way to many clicks on that. Lesson learnt!
@ridderingand_ @arsen_kolyba I just made the same mistake as well. What do you use to track heat map?
Hey Product Hunt! Really awesome to be here with you. This product is an idea I got a few months back. A month in the making and it’s here 
The way it works is you have a form that consists of empty building blocks. You just pick the block you want to change and choose a component from dropdown you want to swap it for. The file itself contains all the instructions you’ll need, though I already told you pretty much everything Fun story about how I came up with the name: initially it was supposed to named “Forms”, but one time when typing that I miss-clicked the last letter and got “Forma”. I thought that sounded way cooler so I redid all the materials for that :) 

So go compile your next form in literally seconds! Your feedback and ideas are greatly appreciated, I’m hanging out here in the comments today
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Just use it


Aweeeeeeeeeeersome landing page design


Haven't checked yet

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Ah so I can only design complex form. Brilliant asset though!
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