Form Filler

Chrome & Firefox add-on to fill input fields with dummy data

Form Filler is a Chrome and Firefox extension for developers to make filling forms with dummy data quick and easy. This is a must-have for developers who work with long forms as it makes filling them with dummy data quick and simple.

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Very cool, this will save a ton of time during bug bashing. One feature idea is to include some test numbers from Stripe for the credit card field. It would be awesome to test various payment scenarios (success,expired card, etc..) with one click.
@kleneway Although I did not add defaults for credit card numbers, you can add a Randomized List custom field with some test card numbers.
@husainshabbir @kleneway if you plan to add credit card numbers in future see this: (I've always took fake credit cards from here for testing)
This could be extremely useful during development. Is it able to detect e.g. email field ?
@josefnovakweb Yes it can detect email fields and the default settings should be able to fill some dummy emails. You can also customize the emails that are generated.
@husainshabbir Great, will use it in my upcoming project.
Been using this extension for a while. Tried various similar extensions but this one is the best in terms of customization and ux. The new logo is much better than old one. Thanks @husainshabbir!
Loving this Chrome extension. It will save me so much time while developing and testing out forms.
This is 🔥🔥🔥