A to-do list that uses tab anxiety to get things done.

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Gabriel Whaley
@gabriel_whaley · MSCHF.xyz
Hi PH. This was yesterday's side project, inspired by how annoying it is to have too many tabs open. I figured this would be funny and annoying, but some people find it useful! Which is cool too I suppose. If you all want other features and stuff, just let me know :)


Dave Park
@daveparkhere · Learning stuff by trying new projects
Thanks for the special gift you setup for Product Hunters!
Mikael Cho
@mikaelcho · Founder of Crew | Creator of Unsplash
I like how this tool uses separate browser tabs for each to-do item. I used it to limit to-do items to what can fit within my browser window so I don't feel overwhelmed by too many tasks. Also, there's a nice satisfaction you feel when you get to close a tab.
Siddharth Gupta
@siddygups · Student
Hilarious, brilliant concept. I personally have 30-100 tabs open over multiple screens, so largely ineffective for me, but in using it my sister sitting next to me had a panic attack.
Interesting take on the new tab products trend. Not sure if it's seriously intended to be a productivity tool, considering the name and description (FMList. A to-do list that uses tab anxiety to make your workload even more annoying) but having too many tabs open is definitely annoying, maybe enough to actually get some work done!
Tyler Rollins
@tycrollins · Founder | Developer
Perfect name! 😆