FLUX Undies

Period-proof underwear that replaces pads & tampons

Functional underwear featuring three layer built-in tech to keep you fresh & dry all day, and a detachable option so you can change anywhere. For periods, leaks, and postpartum. Wear them for up to 12 hours, then rinse & reuse.

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As someone who has worked with teams promoting menstrual hygiene (or, other gynaecological products of this nature) in the past, I think I can offer you some relevant feedback. I think the promo video displayed your product's capabilities (capacities) very well. I'm accepting at face (demo video) value all the awesome features of your product. But, there are other boxes the buyer checks before handing you her custom. First, and most important, is the reluctance to shift from the current method she employs. Hence, it would make sense for you to target the school-girl segment of your territory first, where there is more openness toward newer/ innovative offerings. That being the case, you will need to make a new product video, as this seems way racier for the average school girl. If you look around you will find plenty of menstrual hygiene videos that target school girls, and get an idea of how they work, and how you could fit your product into a similar promotional film. Of course, this present video is perfectly geared toward young adults, but your acceptance rate among them will not be that high [as compared to teens]. Perhaps, if you use validated testimonials, and user case studies, there will be better receptivity. This is a definite case for handing out, literally handing out as freebies, some of your stuff to influencers on Instagram; and that should be your bread-and-butter marketing expenditure. Remember, this is a recurring expenditure for your customer over several decades; so your LTV is going to be sky-high. Also, this is the kind of product that calls for a heavy dose of marketing and promotion. That being the case, you should go back to the drawing board and reframe your marketing strategy. Perhaps, (if you are not already amply funded by self or pre-seed), you could reach out to Angels with this pitch. tl, dr; your product has potential, but only some deft marketing and promotion is going to put it on the shelves.
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@chuckbrandt1991 wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to give such in depth feedback. It’s greatly appreciated. As a start up company, we are at the very beginning of our journey so your feedback is very helpful and will be taken on board. I think you are definitely right in the fact that this type of product calls for a heavy marketing spend, and a different marketing approach. We are focusing on breaking the taboo around periods and revolutionising the way in which periods are experienced, and so speaking with girls in school and teaching them about alternative menstrual products is definitely something we will be implementing in the near future. Thanks again for your feedback it really is appreciated and very helpful information. Kindest, Paige Fashoni.
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UnderwearHunt....??!! Cool concept, though!
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@dayaldave haha yes love the name! Thanks Dayal :)
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How much is it?
@astghik_azaryan between £26 and £28 depending on which style. They last over three years, so just think of all the money you’ll be saving on pads, tampons, and stained undies!
This looks like an awesome product! My wife started using reusable pads a year or so ago and absolutely swears by them now. People are always a bit freaked out about washing them when she mentions it to them but it's actually not a big issue. I'm definitely going to show her these. She says that the reusable pads reduced the flow of her periods (something to do with chemicals in the disposable ones apparently) is this myth or is there some evidence to support it?
@realdeanward Hey Dean! Lots of women say that reusable menstrual products including cloth pads and period underwear like ours, reduce menstrual cramps. This is because the sustainable and natural materials do not contain the bleaches, toxins and chemicals that disposables do. The chemicals in disposable pads and tampons are used to whiten the materials and draw menstrual fluid away from the body at a fast rate and into the disposable pad/tampon, but in the process, have been known to irritate and dry out the vagina, causing increased pain/cramps. As for reducing the flow of periods, period underwear and reusable options like cloth pads tend to absorb much more than disposable pads absorb, and so it may seem like the flow is a lot less than when using disposables. So glad you like the look of FLUX Undies, and hope you spread the word with your friends & family! Would love to answer any other Q's you might have :) Kindest, Paige
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@paige_katrina_fashoni Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions!