Fluid iOS Kit

A free design kit from Framer with customizable elements

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Our Fluid iOS Kit is just that: adaptive, customizable and responsive across all devices. It contains hundreds of readymade UI elements and prebuilt native layouts. The best part? It’s available directly in Framer, which means starting a new mobile design is as easy as copy and paste.

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Paul Hansen
Ashanya Indralingam


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Benjamin den Boer
Benjamin den BoerMaker@benjaminnathan · Designer
Hey PH! We’re very excited to introduce another design freebie, created entirely in Framer. We’d love to see what you’ll make with it. Tag @framer on Twitter or on Dribbble to ensure it’ll be placed on our radar. Happy to hear your thoughts!
Jurre Houtkamp
Jurre HoutkampMaker@jurrehoutkamp · Product Designer at Framer
This turned out to be another beautiful one!
Georgemaine Lourens
Georgemaine LourensMaker@georgemaine_lourens · Designer
Hey all! We're curious to see what you'll create with this kit!
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊
Michael Gaffney
Michael Gaffney@mgaffneyny · Entrepreneur, Twin, Voyagr
any integration with mapbox designs or is it mainly to prototype and add in static images for placeholders?