Build automated workflows on top of your existing cloud apps

Looks interesting and very useful. I wonder how different this is to http://www.producthunt.com/posts... It does feel more specific to sales & marketing workflows though.
We are a lot like Zapier/IFTTT, but some big differences: 1. You can create as many 'actions' as you want. 2. Very soon you'll be able to 'wait' between each action (an hour, a couple of days, even months). 3. We have this feature called 'forms'. It will go out and ask someone (colleague, customer) for some input by email. You can then use that data further on in your workflow. Nice for collecting feedback, address data, preferred appointment times, checking the user is still attending an appointment, etc.. Oh and you're right - we're focusing on sales/marketing use cases. We can't compete with Zapier/IFTTT's range of services so we're staying in a niche we can really add value to. Thanks for your comment.