Get fluent in a language through content immersion

Flowlingo helps you learn a language by immersing you in popular TV, news, videos, blogs, and more.

If you don’t know a word or phrase, just tap it. Flowlingo will tell you what it means and automatically create a flashcard for future practice.

22 languages are available.

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We’re excited to share our new language learning app, Flowlingo. Our app is built around a few simple principles: - The best way to learn is by doing. To practice reading in Spanish, you should read Spanish articles and books. To practice listening, you should spend time with TV shows, music, and podcasts. - Real content is better than “educational content”. Every language has an amazing variety of books, blogs, TV shows, and music. Choose whatever interests you, and Flowlingo will make it accessible, even if you’re a beginner. - The best way to stay motivated is to enjoy the process. With Flowlingo, you learn by doing the same things you already enjoy — in the language you want to practice. - Regular practice is key to improvement. There’s new content every day, and Flowlingo makes it easy to get a few minutes of learning while you’re on the go. - Real learning progress is better than gamification. It's not about collecting “points” or extending your “streak”. It's about the satisfaction of breezing through articles you used to think were difficult, and moving on to more challenging material. We hope you give Flowlingo a shot, and let us know what you think!
great way to learn a language while reading posts you're actually interested in.

An innovative, smart and easy-to-use tool to improve learning a language. Suggested to those who are looking for a "fast" way to grow vocabulary


Easy, smart and fast to improve learning


No service for desktop view

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you like it. We plan to support desktop in the future.