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Looks extremely cool - my son is currently teaching himself piano via YouTube, and this could be absolutely perfect for him. I do have one complaint, though: it's yet another page with one of my personal pet peeves: a "sign up for free" button without any way to access pricing information for the "full" version down the road. Makes me not want to sign up because I don't want to commit to something if the price down the road would be prohibitive anyways (which likely is not the case here)...
@epaga Hi John, I can absolutely understand your complaint. To be honest, we're still working on our pricing structure. However, I guarantee you that your account will stay free for the foreseeable future if you become a beta tester - just send me a message via our in-app chat :-)
it would be useful if it would break songs down into chunks (intro, verse, chorus, outro) and let you practice sections at a time. Also, a "play at 1/2 speed" button!
@ShaanVP Thanks for your feedback :) Just a quick note to the second point you mentioned: We have an option to slow down songs but I guess it‘s a bit hidden. When you click on either hand and the wheel pops up, just click on the right arrow that you see in the wheel. Then the song is played at 1/2 speed.
@jonasgossling Thank you. I play recreationally having learned in childhood during 3+ years. Usually use piano tutorials on YouTube to learn songs like "Apologize" by One Republic or "One Day" by Matisyahu. Since I know a few songs by memory and very basic theory I'm eager to add more to my repertoire! Will let you know what I think v soon!
Guys, I am learning piano right now, so I will thoroughly try out your app an let you know!
Guys, i had a good play around with your system. I really love it - would love to jump on a skype call and see if i can help you a little.