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Steven Booth
Steven BoothMaker@tweetsbybooth · Product Manager, Services - Flow XO
Hello! Great to be featured on Product Hunt today, I'm really excited about this release. Some additional thoughts: Why the Flow XO platform is different: We're a complete platform for messaging and bot building with service integration features like IFTTT/Zapier. It means that Flow XO is fun, familiar and very flexible to use, and it's astonishing what you can achieve in the single Flow XO platform. We support over 100 service integrations already, meaning messaging and bots are instantly connected to your exiting application ecosphere. A core strength of Flow XO is our cross-platform focus, which the Web Messenger is an extension of. Build a bot once, and have it present everywhere. As new platforms like WhatsApp become available to us, we'll make them available to you. Development plan for the near future - Support bot analytics! You'll be in familiar territory again here, just like Zapier/IFTTT we'll let you choose the provider; we'll add in the most popular as services. We'll also provide a test console for fine tuning. Just a final note that the Web Messenger is in beta - We have lots more planned for it over the coming weeks - we'd love to hear everyone's suggestions and feedback :) As a special offer for PH readers - if you sign up and use the coupon code PHDEC16, you can try out the platform free for a month to take advantage of this release. Thanks everyone.
Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
This looks really cool, and is great addition following the release of the Flow XO Slackbot 10 months ago. You can read more about the release here, but it appears to be a competitor to Intercom's web widget, with the addition of automation/bot features, and less of the CRM tooling.
Sandro Jazzar
Sandro Jazzar@sandrojazzar
I've tried most bot builders out there and Flow XO is definitely the best one I found, mainly because of their extensive list integrations and ease of use of the platform!
Jamestown502@jamestown502 · CEWEBITY.com Co-Founder
Flow Xo is easy to use. Built my bot in a day. Love it
Timothy Johnson
Timothy Johnson@timothy_joh · Lead Product Developer. Scitent Inc.
This is one of my favorite new bot building platforms. Great onboarding with good starting templates and this web messenger is what won me over (because we need that). Would love to see how we could allow users to switch channels, like asking for their email, FB login, or SMS to continue the conversation in another channel, but when they log back into the web site, all the history is available there too. Great platform, I will be sure to share and spread.
Steven Booth
Steven BoothMaker@tweetsbybooth · Product Manager, Services - Flow XO
@timothy_joh I agree that making the same person identifiable across channels is going to be a really important feature - This something we'll look to do as soon as we can Thanks for the comments, would love to hear your further thoughts - DM me if you like :)