Turn your Gmail & Outlook into Trello-like task lists 💌

Flow-e treats your emails as tasks without leaving your Gmail/Office365 inbox. Flow-e is just a visualization of your inbox; we don't store your data. The best part? Whatever you change in Flow-e, changes in your email too.

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Used the free trial of this - was super helpful. Got me to inbox 0 pretty quick. Definitely easier as a Trello user, felt like Trello for emails.
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@seffa121 Thank you, Yousif!
Impressive. Good idea, good execution. Also: cat.
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@karimmaassen Thanks Karim, great feedback! Let us know if you have any ideas for future enhancements, we'd be happy to hear!
Hi guys! Mila on behalf of the FLOW-e team here. I was hoping to get some feedback on this new tool we’ve been working on at Kanbanize HQ called FLOW-e. FLOW-e’s mission is to hack the traditional inbox format in order to make sure that people overwhelmed by hundreds of incoming emails a day don’t.... drown in them. With the know-how we have from building Kanbanize, a Lean tool for visual project management, we are developing a standalone web app for visual email workflow that makes conversations actionable. Inbox + To Do, with all the tried and tested tricks we’ve learned from email superusers built right in. Recently, we’ve been thinking about the role of email in our day-to-day. Most of the people around us consider their inbox to be a main channel for tasks, professional conversations and setting up meetings. Everyone we’ve talked to so far has also spent loads of time constructing a unique and meticulous system of structuring their inbox to make it work for them, but it’s a square peg, round hole scenario. The traditional list format inbox just won’t bend to modern needs. We wanted to give you the option to get the visual inbox of your dreams without the hassle of having to build it on your own, the frustration of an old-fashioned format and the desperate search for add-ons and skins that might make it more organized. FLOW-e is a web app that transforms any Gmail or Office 365 inbox into a visual email workflow. We make it possible to map emails as tasks in a workflow, add events to a timeline in the same view, assign tasks to your team by forwarding, tag To Dos for yourself right onto an email conversation and much more….So, what has your inbox been missing? Looking forward to hearing from you all! Ask us anything!
@milachervenkova I've messed around w/ Sortd (https://www.sortd.com) on several occasions but there were issues that have kept me from using it full-time. How is Flow-e different?
@scottwwilliams Hi, Scot, I know what you are talking about. I had the same experience with many tools, which tended to be only "inbox maintaining" tools. With Flow-e we are trying to 'relief the pain' while all the busy people are trying to achieve the so-called "inbox zero" dream. (for me, receiving 50+ emails per day was a painful email management activity that I used to skip, but things have changed since we have our Flow-e) Differences between Sortd and Flow-e: 1. Flow-e works with both Gmail and Outlook, while Sortd works with Gmail only. 2. We integrate your calendar as a timeline where you can easily create meetings. 3. With Flow-e you can delegate/assign cards to others and get notified when they complete the task. 4. We are backed up by a big company that specializes in Kanban software (Kanbanize) which guarantees that we won't disappear due to the lack of funding. Differences with Trello: - We live inside your email, there is no need to use an external task management system and calendar. Hope this makes sense. But I guess you should try Flow-e for at least 2 weeks and see if it fits your needs (I am pretty sure that it will).
@milachervenkova - Thanks for the quick reply. You've laid it out very nicely and I plan to give it a try.
@milachervenkova I sent a reply to the 'free version' mail and got an automated answer instead. It talks about your meta tags @ linked in and why I didn't share. You might want to take a look.

I have never had a zero inbox before. “Mark all read“ doesn’t count. In Flow-e, I could get to actually organize, prioritize and plan my work, instead of just making my emails disappear. Honestly, I can’t imagine any other way of doing this anymore.


Super lightweigh, visual, secure and doesnt actually store ANY of my data. The number of power ups is constantly growing.


No permanently free plan. But, honestly, it is worth every penny

Thank you, Dima!
I can't tell you how happy i'm to have found a tool like this !! I normally reach Inbox Zero every day, i have no problem with that as i developed my own workflow inside gmail where i get everything pretty organized and up to date. But, i keep in my inbox all the task/projects which are still either pending or in my backlog, i even created 2 gmail labels TODO and PENDING, so i could visually see where is the email in the "handling it" process. I tried doing this with Trello, but i had to recreate the emails as cards, or use the Trello for Gmail extension that you can create a card directly from Gmail which is a pain. All this talk is to show you the struggle i faced with having email as my main channel of organization and discussion center without a proper reliable way of using my own inbox to organize my daily work life. Flow-e comes as a nice surprise and pretty much everything i need, can't thank you enough for building a tool like this, and pricing is perfectly fair. I will keep using the trial, but count me as one of Flow-e paid customers. Thank you guys, good luck !!
@fearlex Wow thanks so much for the feedback, mate. We really appreciate your support! We're just starting! I can promise a lot of cool stuff coming out soon ;)
@fearlex That's a really awesome comment, Arleys! It's good to know you appreciate the product so much.
@dimitarkaraivan @kharboush My pleasure!, Kudos for an amazing tool. Now, it would just be a complete heaven if it can be integrated into Station (https://getstation.com/ - https://www.producthunt.com/post...)
@kharboush @fearlex Great idea! We'll definitely explore it as soon as this campaign is over :)
@fearlex I did the same with Gmail; created a workflow process with separate labels & frustrated myself further due to the clutter. Still on the “hunt” & will explore this tool :)