Animate your figma design in real-time preview, export video

Flipbook is a Figma plugin that helps you to create animation from your design. You can tweak your animation in real-time preview, you can share your animation by exporting to GIF/MP4 video file.
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Hi everyone 👋 I am really excited to launch Flipbook 🚀 Flipbook makes it super easy & fast to create animation from your figma design, tweak it in real-time preview, and share it by exporting to GIF/MP4 file. You can upgrade to Pro to remove watermark and try the premium feature like onion skin. To celebrate launch day I have included a generous free tier for you to try. What are you waiting for? If this is helpful for you, you can support the maker by upgrading to Pro :)
i need this in my life!!
Project success! congratulations @sonnylazuardi
Congrats for the launch!
@axelut Thank you 🙏
Looks awsome! Good luck with the launch.
@zicsus Thanks for the kind words