Flinto for Mac

The prototyping tool designers have been waiting for

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Fun fact: Flinto for Mac is 100% written in Swift. We think it might be the biggest Swift app to date, since we started right when Swift became available and have been working on it nonstop until now.
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Oh wow, first @principleapp and now Flinto, which looks maybe even easier. Looking forward to try it out!
I'm not sure why animations are considered prototyping. Following the lean process, you'll want to prototype/focus on your differentiation, and if animations are your differentiation, you probably won't last very long. That said, if you need to design animations / custom interactions -- why use a 3rd party tool that you, or a developer, are just going to have to redo in another app? Is this REALLY that much faster than Storyboard? Does it export to usable elements?
@toobulkeh Sure, it's much faster! I call anything that's a representation of a finished product to be built, a prototype. The closer that prototype looks to the finished product, the better.
Congratulations on the release @trafnar!
The transition designer looks much more intuitive than the timeline in @principleapp. Pretty close to the ideal for a WYSIWYG prototyping tool. Great job Nathan.