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Hello PH, I built my first side-project, Flightlist, for 2 reasons: 1. After my travels in Europe in 2017 I wanted a simpler, minimalist flight booking app tailored to my travel style. 2. To learn Javascript When I travel I always buy one-way flights and I'm not looking to depart on a specific day, but within a date range. And of course, I look for the best price. Even though sites like Skyscanner and Google Flights are quite popular and easy to use, I have to enter a specific departure date and then use the Calendar to find other dates which may have cheaper prices. I just want to enter an origin, destination, date range and get a list of flights, without the frills or ads. So I built Flightlist and in the process I learned Javascript. Something I had been meaning to do for several years. I'm looking for your feedback, do you find it useful? Would you use it? What features or datapoints would you like to see? I'd also like to thank a few people, because with out their feedback or resources I wouldn't of been able to make Flightlist. They are: @kiwicom247 & @oliverdlouhy - for the open API & great documentation @robhope - for the constructive feedback @jonathan_trev - for the geolocation data & Jonathan Dahl for the beautiful animated gif https://dribbble.com/shots/20135...
@ismaelyws Congrats on the launch! Enjoying the clean UI. Are you looking to expand the database with more flights & locations?
Hi @razgraf. Yes, depending on how things go I would like to add Skyscanner API or maybe others I am considering. Thx for the feedback.
@ismaelyws Love this, and yes, I know the struggle with Skyscanner, but now, no more :) Congrats and good luck! Maybe in the future, a tracker for flights/prices?
@baidoct Thanks Tudor :) You mean a notification like Skyscanner has when a price drops/changes?
@ismaelyws Congrats on getting to #1! :) Woot Woot!
Looking good! I'd like a way to flip the from and to, just in case :) Idea: use the users current location? (:
@ieatsalot Ahhh as a means to check a return flight? A button which would flip the from and to and do a "reverse" search?
@ismaelyws haha jeah, also for the lazy. Like if I'm looking for amsterdam -> london -> barcelona, with the `flip` I only have to change one value for the second search 🙈
@ieatsalot I like it. I was thinking if I should include a "return flights" option but I don't want to be like all the other flight search apps out there. I have to focus. So this is a good alternative.
It looks like a great product. But when I search for the flight from Wrocław - Poland to Barcelona - Spain, the first result is a flight with two stops - one in Miami US. I prefer use azair.eu for EU flights, even though it doesn't look fancy.
@jedrzejurbanski Yes, I am using the Kiwi/Skypicker API so I am dependent on their flights data. From what I heard they are working on improving that. I would like to add more API's like Skyscanner & others in the future. But I agree, valid point.
@ismaelyws azair has its own API 😉
@jedrzejurbanski Ohhhh ok, good to know. Thanks :)
@jedrzejurbanski @ismaelyws you should use KYAK as it tends to favour those in the UK or Europe for cheaper flights (more than 1 indirect flight included)
@jedrzejurbanski @jamie_ross interesting, ok. I'll check out the Kayak API then. Thanks for the feedback :)
Looks great! Is there a way to aggregate all the airports in a city, for instance, London, rather than search them one by one?
@jckyeh Yes, someone else also mentioned that. On my to-do list. I just hadn't gotten that far yet haha. But yes, definitely a good idea. Thanks for the feedback Jack :)
@jckyeh Hi Jack, I have added options to select Metropolitan Area's for cities. You now have an option to select all airports for London. Give it a try and let me know what you think. I have also added this option to 250+ other cities.
Cool alternative to Google Flight