A tampon alternative you can wear during sex

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I met Lauren last year when she first started working on FLEX full-time. I'll admit I was pretty skeptical, I had been using tampons for 14 years!! She gave me a sample and I tried it during a day of board meetings (cuz pressure, AMIRIGHT?) I wore it all day and literally forgot I was even on my period. I didn't have to sneak out to go to the bathroom every couple hours, I didn't touch my purse or top drawer all day, and I never felt the inkling of a yeast infection. I went home and put a tampon in later that night and it felt like razor blades - it was SO painful! I realized that the products on the market today are unacceptable and we need more options. So I quit my job the next day and am now the cofounder of The Flex Company.
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Hey everyone, I'm Lauren, founder and ceo at FLEX. FLEX is a new single-use product called a menstrual disc. It’s shaped somewhat like a diaphragm with a flexible outer ring and a soft, collapsible center. It’s worn inside the vaginal fornix (located around the cervix) to catch menstrual blood for up to 12 hours. When the user is finished wearing, the product is discarded. Most women use about 8 per cycle, compared to about 20 tampons per cycle. Unlike a tampon or cup, a menstrual disc leaves the vaginal canal unobstructed, which helps alleviate cramps and makes the product undetectable to the wearer. There’s generally one size of menstrual disc and is designed to fit most women, including mothers. FLEX is made out of a medical-grade polymer that has antimicrobial properties, that does not disrupt the PH of your vagina, helping to prevent infections that are typically caused by tampons. Medical grade polymers are used in all types of products that are approved for use inside the human body, including surgical tools and stents that live inside the heart. FLEX is hypo-allergenic, made without latex or silicone, vegan, and not tested on animals. And FLEX has not been linked to TSS. Happy to answer any questions you have! - L
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@laurenschulte do you have any promo code for Product Hunt members? I would love to 🎁 it to my 💁
@laurenschulte The only downside (and a big one for me) is that just like tampons and pads, the product can't be recycled or reused like a menstrual cup so it ends up in landfills. Still cool to see your innovation because God knows tampons and pads are awful!
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Flex is really fantastic, I'm a convert. I was lucky enough to try a sample in February, and since then I've been looking forward to using Flex exclusively. I had given up tampons perhaps 5 or 6 years ago (they caused irritation) in favour of a menstrual cup - which was a definite improvement. But Flex is a huge improvement beyond a menstrual cup, because when wearing Flex, I can't feel it at all. It's so much more comfortable.
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@rhilep We're so happy that you had a great experience with Flex!
As a woman, this is revolutionary. I was lucky enough to get a sample and let me just say -- it works!!! So grateful it exists. Lauren, what's been the biggest surprise about the company so far?
@kjer I'm curious as to how this is different from the Insead SoftCup which is already readily available.
@kjer Thank you, KJ!
Great work, team! FLEX is awesome! gf and I have been on the waitlist for months now - can't wait! 💌
@foolywk Thanks for the support!