Snapchat meets Yik Yak

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Snapchat has been suspending or closing accounts that use 3rd party apps. From the last screenshot in the iTunes listing, it appears this integrates with Snapchat pretty tightly. Are you afraid Snapchat will ban accounts that use the app?
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1) Amazing name choice 2) I hear this is getting some traction around colleges in NY This is why this name is so awesome:
@nbashaw Also... "Squid's Inc."
Somewhere in LA, they are embarking upon a serious game of "whack-a-mole" http://imgur.com/jE54e9y
This is pretty much an unauthorized clone of Snapchat, but with a local snap/up vote feature. There's no way this will be around for long.
So when does Snapchat release group messaging and group stories? I know they tried our campus story at a few universities. Fleek looks sweet. IMO, a picture-based feed seems more compelling than text-based (Yik Yak). The app icon is just as wonky as Yik Yak's too!