Flawless App

Make your iOS apps look exactly like the expected design

Flawless App is macOS development tool for an instant visual quality check of mobile apps. The tool spot visual bugs before they cost you money.

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Hello, fellows! πŸ‘‹ πŸŽ‰ Together with my co-founder Lisa we're happy to announce our public launch πŸŽ‰ Flawless App is macOS development tool for an instant visual quality check of mobile apps. The tool spot visual bugs before they cost you money. Flawless App helps easily see visual differences between expected design and the final implementation of a mobile app. The tool compares design mockups with implementation in a real-time, right on the iOS simulator! It has overlay & split comparison modes and support long designs comparison (like news feed screens, for example). It works out of the box like a charm πŸ’« so you don't need to import any third-party libraries into your Xcode project. Easy and fast! We are truly obsessed with the visual quality of mobile apps. We want every mobile product to be polished enough to provide the perfect experience for the end users. Because that's really the only reason why mobile applications exist. This tool is made by iOS developers for iOS developers. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» And we hope it will bring huge value to your daily workflow. Please, check it out! 😊
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@geek_1001 Showed this to our designer and he made a good point. What is the value of a tool like this when apps like Sympli and Zeplin give you the exact dimensions, coordinates, and styles of everything?
@patrickleeadams @geek_1001 thanks for showing it to your designer! We love an honest feedback, like yours!
@patrickleeadams Hello, Patrick! Thanks for showing it to your designer! And I'm very glad you've asked this question 😊 Let me start with questions from my side: if we have tools like Zeplin or Sympli why do we still have UI snapshot testing in iOS? πŸ™‚ From the overall vision perspective: 1. We are aimed to solve the visual quality problem (in the long-run strategy bunch of others quality factors in digital products). 2. Zeplin and Sympli are collaboration tools for designers and developer – they are doing everything for everyone. We're focused on a single problem – visual quality control. Because of this focus, we have much more opportunity to actually solve the problem. 3. We're moving step by step so there are more to come from our side regarding visual quality control (automation, issues highlight and so on) From the product perspective: 1. We're integrated inside iOS simulator – this gives us more flexibility in feature specifically for iOS developers. 2. Since we're in the simulator you don't have to change your context every time to check your implementation. (you can just use hotkeys instead of opening third-party window, place this comparison in the right spot and so on) And at the end – we are humans after all. Even if we have all the data, guidelines, specifications and so on – the end product could be different from your expectation. The fact that you have the guidelines doesn't guarantee the result. And that's the problem with tools like Zeplin or Sympli, they cars about the process, to provide all the guidelines, but they don't care about the actual result of this guidelines. On the other hand, we care about the end result and do not provide any guidelines for the process. I'd say we (Flawless App and collaboration tools for designers and developers) complement each other. So there will be some integrations for sure 😊 Does it make sense?
@geek_1001 Sympli is a part of our workflow - it provides styles and assets so if I am using it for that, then I may as well use it for the dimensions/coordinates it provides as well. Most developers have two screens, so context switching between Sympli and the Simulator is not an issue (for me at least). When I implement UI I check the dimensions in Sympli against the dimensions in Interface Builder. For something like Flawless you have to run the project each time you make a change. So for someone who wants to just put a UIView in the correct location and be done with it, they can't, they have to keep moving it and running the simulator. For larger projects this would be a hassle. I also believe that there is more precision when comparing actual dimension values than there is with overlaying. With that being said I do think Flawless is good for double-checking things at the end but I don't think it makes sense to use it from the beginning. All-in-all I am looking forward to see what you guys do in future updates.
@patrickleeadams Got your point. Totally make sense. I think because we're moving step by step since we're still a small team, we can't do everything that's on our mind at the current moment in time. We decided to move with short but extremely fast product iterations to get relevant feedback as fast as possible and improve the product based on that. So thank you so much for your feedback! 😊
We’re excited to show Flawless App to Product Hunt community. It’s been a challenging and turbulent journey of almost 2 years since we started Flawless at a hackathon πŸš€ During this crazy race, we met truly amazing people and had a lot of fun. We simultaneously went through 2 equity-free acceleration programs: Startup Sauna and Lisbon Challenge. Best ever early users joined us and become our friends. Without outside investment, we pivoted initial concept and released several products iterations. I’m really honored to show you result of our two great years. Waiting for your honest feedback on Flawless App! ^ Lisa πŸ’› πŸ’™
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@nsmyself thank you for supporting us 😍 😍 😍
team @petcube is in love with Flawless, good luck!
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@yaroslavazhnyuk Thank you so much, Yaroslav and a whole @petcube team for your support! 😊
@geek_1001 @yaroslavazhnyuk We love @petcube too :) Petcube Mafia will conquer the world!
Wow! Congrats! Let's talk joining Setapp then :)
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@pavlo_pedenko Thank you so much, Pavlo! Surely we'll do so! We already had a talk with Bogdan from Setapp Review Team 😊
Looks flawless to me! Congrats on the launch and making it through the crazy journey to get here! πŸ‘ What are you thinking of building next? Would love to hear more about your vision!
@kunalslab Thank you, Kunal for supporting us! 😊 Sure, I'd be glad to share it with you. As mobile development as a whole industry evolves with new devices and new form factors – there is still a huge gap how to make all of those products for all of those devices polished enough. We believe Flawless potentially can solve the much bigger problem of the visual quality control (and in the long run strategy, a bunch of other aspects of quality factors. Not just for iOS, not just for mobile devices even). And we're moving towards this long run vision. Step by step we believe we can achieve this huge goal. And eventually, reinvent quality control for every possible digital product. πŸ™‚