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#3 Product of the DayOctober 29, 2019
A tool for iOS developers to compare expected design and real app right inside iOS Simulator. No more visual bugs and back-and-forths inside your team.
Uber, Basecamp, Spotify, Nike already using Flawless to deliver great apps faster.
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πŸ¦„ My startup journey started in 2015. Together with Ahmed Sulaiman we went to the hackathon with an idea to improve collaboration between designers and developers. First version of Flawless App was... now so good. In fact, it was a huge big product, which first users didn't like πŸ˜… So we talked with users, day and night. And figured out that one feature of the whole "big product" was super useful. It was comparison of design and real app inside iOS simulator. Ahmed was coding non-stop for 14 days and we remade " a big product " into Flawless App, as it's exist today. πŸ’› I remember, we released Flawless App on Product Hunt in June 2017.... Already two years has passed and we keep improving the product, adding new useful features and making it better for mobile community. The biggest lesson for me was that you can achieve literally everything with a big dream, passionate team and hard work. Our journey is continuing, so please meet Flawless App 3.0!
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@lisadziuba Congratulations on the launch!!!!! Much love from Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ The 3.0 looks really good, Well done to Flawless team! Amazing!!!
Congrats @lisadziuba love to see good products growing consistently!
@lisadziuba what a story ! well done getting v3 out πŸ‘€πŸŽ‰
Exactly 693 days since our last Flawless App launch on Product Hunt! And boy was it a busy and amazing journey. We’ve successfully delivered 15 updates, dramatically improved UX/UI of the product, overall stability, and feature set to bring even more value to each of our users. Here is an extensive list of the most notable things that were implemented: πŸ“ Introduced measurement mode. You can measure sizes, distances, and offsets of UI elements on design right inside the iOS simulator. We do not rely on info from Sketch and analyze images instead. So you can measure anything no matter what your designs really are – Zeplin screens, Sketch files or good-old PNG! πŸ’« Added a whole bunch of utility screens to help new users get started with Flawless App faster. For example, if you launch Flawless App and there is no iOS Simulator running – our tool will launch it in one click. In case there is no Xcode installed – you can open it in Mac App Store right from Flawless App. All of that to make the user experience as pleasant as possible. 🎨 Completely redesigned application. New look and feel were specially prepared with Mojave release. Including Dark Mode and other important visual improvements. πŸ—œ Worked hard to optimize the Sketch files parsing algorithm and made it asynchronous. Specifically to deal with parsing of huge Sketch files. πŸ”Ž Added ability to search for the right screen. That was highly requested as when you work with a huge collection of designs it’s so hard to navigate there without any kind of search. In addition, we’ve added a little image preview of the design right to Flawless App to help visually distinguish the right file. πŸ“‚ Implemented smart file grouping. Now when you drag multiple folders with design files, screens from Zeplin or multiple Sketch files all of them would be neatly structured in appropriate category and folder inside Flawless App to simplify navigation. 🎬 In addition to generating animated GIFs, we’ve also added the option to capture a static screenshot from the iOS Simulator screen with the design attached. So you can send it to GitHub pull-request or to the client to prove that your UI implementation is correct according to design. βš’ Dramatically improved under-the-hood stuff. The integration process inside the iOS Simulator is as seamless as it’s possible. There is no need to wait for iOS Simulator to reboot to start using Flawless App anymore. πŸ” Added macOS Catalina support along with new security and permissions requirements. There was even more stuff which I’ve missed so check it out! Our team would be so happy to hear any feedback/thoughts you have :)
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@fajarsiddiq thank you so much for all your support πŸŽ‰
Hey. Please tell us what are the main differences from the previous version?
@dimablover Ahmed made a huge list of ALL things we added :) I'll make a shorter version ))
@dimablover Since our last Product Hunt launch, we added.... πŸ“ measurement mode to get size/position/offset of UI elements inside simulator πŸ’« New UX flow with additional utility screens to open simulator, download Xcode, etc. 🎨 Redesigned from the ground up πŸ—œ Next level Sketch files parsing algorithm πŸ”Ž Search among selected design files πŸ“‚ Smart folders and grouping 🎬 Screenshot + GIF generation βš’ New integration flow into simulator πŸ” macOS Catalina support + complaints with new security requirements I think, that's all πŸ€”
@dimablover Any feature requests? :)
Greaat! One of my favorite apps. You're a rockstar! Congratulations!
@peteliev omg πŸ₯° You made my day!!!!!