Flawless 2.0

Make polished design implementation for every iOS device

Flawless App makes your apps look exactly like the expected design on every iOS device. It helps you verify app screens according to the design right inside development environment.

Easily spot visual bugs and fix them, before they cost you money!

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Many hugs from Ukraine! 🎉 After 6 months of sleepless nights, we're happy to share Flawless App 2.0 with the community. We all know, that initial design and the final apps are not always the same. 😱 Flawless App makes your apps look exactly like the expected design on every iOS device. You can simply compare initial design and the real implementation just inside development environment (on iOS simulator). With Flawless App 2.0 you can : ⭐️ Generate design for different screen sizes (Auto Layout) using Sketch files with “resizing rules” specified by design. Simply drop your Sketch file to Flawless App and it will automatically figure out what device you’re running & resize design appropriately. This is fundamentally important for proper design implementation. ⭐️ Capture GIF of comparison to share it with your designer & team. Now all your team can see results of design & implementation comparison in a moment. ⭐️ Compare your implementation with Zeplin designs. Flawless App supports tools you're working with. ⭐️ Compare different designs with the real app on multiple simulators simultaneously (thanks to Xcode 9 multiple iOS simulators support). ⭐️ Compare implementations with GIFs and much more. What do you think about the new updates? What features would you like us to build next? 🤔 We're here all 24 hours to listen to your feedback and answer your questions 🙂 Thanks to all the community for making the world full of beautiful apps!
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@geek_1001 Hi Ahmed, Thank you for adding integration with Zeplin! It's so flawless 😉
@k_v_113 Thanks! We have much more to come! 😉
@geek_1001 @k_v_113 and we will make even flawlessest soon :)
Hi, nice update. Can you please elaborate on the different sizes/Autolayout features - how is this achieved: automatically? Your own plugin or Anima app Plugin? Thx
@jydesign Thank you, James! Fantastic question! 🙂 So at the moment, we are using default Sketch resizing constraints (https://www.sketchapp.com/docs/l...) to understand how specific design should look like on the different screen sizes. Definitely, support for "Anima Auto Layout plugin" and other coming shortly. From the developer's perspective: You just select a Sketch files (where resizing constraints already specified) and Flawless App automatically generate a correct design for the current device to compare with implementation.

For me as designer it helps communicate with developer.

I'm looking forward to test GIF capturing feature.


Perfectly compares design and implementation


No Cons

Thank you so much for the feedback, Vova! 🙏
This app has saved me hours of design work. Simply awesome!
@mav3r1cksoffice Thank you so much, Aaron! I'm so glad our tool brings value to your development process 😊
@mav3r1cksoffice Aaron, thanks for your feedback :) As I remember, you were supporting us since our first launch in June))) So we need to send you our future stickers (when we have them)))
Great progress! Keep rocking, guys!
@adiatlov keep supporting us :)
@adiatlov Thanks, Alex! We couldn't be more excited about this fundamentally important update! 🙂
Thank to all the community for much support 🤩 😇