We pay your rent while you're away, guaranteed.

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Hey ProductHunters! We're really excited to be introducing Flatbook to ProductHunt today. In 2013, our team set out to solve the subletting problem. After enabling hundreds of people to save over $500,000 in rent last year alone, we realized that the true vision of our company is actually to remove the need to sublet altogether. Flatbook pays your rent while you're away, guaranteed. How are we able to do that? We've written a short Medium post to go over Flatbook in greater detail and you can take a look at it here. One last thing: We're happy to provide ProductHunters with an exclusive cash bonus offer granting you an additional $100 on top of your rent paid this summer. All you need to do to lock that in is make sure to apply before April 15th. Applications for Flatbook's North American Subletting program close on May 1st. Applications for Flatbook's European Subletting program close on June 1st.
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@eyaltoledano Interesting! How are you different from AirBnB?
@sempler they re-style the apartment, photograph it better, rent out the place at a greater per night rate than your monthly rent and keep the difference. Ugh. Why didn't I think of this? Pretty cool.
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@sempler Airbnb is one of many booking platforms. Flatbook leverages Airbnb as well as other platforms to offer the inventory it builds over the year (through sublet applications for instance) at nightly rates. We're different from Airbnb in that fundamentally our businesses are not the same. Our goal is to distribute the authenticity of the best vacation rentals with the standards of the best hotel brands by taking control of that experience, leveraging the best local flavors of its properties and utilizing a sophisticated operations workflow to give you that Hotel consistency while retaining the look and feel of an Airbnb. Our Subletting Program (http://flatbook.co/sublet) solves the pain of having to sublet. Our Leasing Program (http://flatbook.co/leases) removes the need to sublet altogether. Hopefully that answers your question! :)
@eyaltoledano Are you in Atlanta, Georgia? Also, how do you handle making sure the guests abide by any rules of the building (i.e. no smoking, quiet hours, etc)... the kind of rules that can cause big issues for the lease holder/owner if they are not followed by their guests?
@christiancooper But so does AirBnB, no?
I've hung out in a restyled apartment from Flatbook while in MTL - fantastic experience. Looking forward to seeing you expand into Ottawa so I can make all my incoming friends / colleagues stay with you.
@brandonwaselnuk Hey Brandon! Thanks for the shoutout :) We actually are live in Ottawa. More than 70 people have already applied to have Flatbook sublet their apartment. Feel free to drop us a line!
@eyaltoledano that's great news! @rogerh1991 gave me a heads up you were coming ;)
Airbnb for Airbnb πŸ˜„ Joking aside, I think the idea is fantastic!
This fascinating. I know a lot of people that travel or thirst to live a "nomad" life that would love to use this.
@rrhoover Thanks for the love Ryan :) We do love helping digital nomads pursue their dreams. It's all a part of the mission!
Seems like a great concept :) I'm gonna be that guy with the typo correction, but I noticed this on your site: "If you plan on leaving you place for the summer", should be "your* place".
@ghobs91 Rah! Good eye!