Fix Posture

TensorFlow blurs your screen when your posture needs fixing.

UX designer Olesya Chernyavskaya's (@monolesan) created a Glitch app to fix your posture by simply blurring your screen if you don’t maintain good form. It checks your position using your webcam, and uses TensorFlow to evaluate whether your posture is correct.
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Nice concept. Would be nice to make it into a Chrome extension, so it can blur any screen the user is currently on.
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@korede360 no more chrome extensions!
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This awesome app uses TensorFlow to make sure you're sitting up straight (my worst nightmare!). The main site has a technical explanation, and because it's hosted on @glitch, you can see the code that went into it. It doesn't store any user information, either! Check out more in the Vice article:
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@glitch @ezra_mechaber @olesya_san Maybe building this as a dapp on Blockstack would solve the whole issue of "webcam always on" privacy concern since the data will all be stored on the blockstack user's ID own server and not on any other public server. Just a thought.
Really nice concept and idea! But obviously the app needs the webcam on all the time. That's a hard no from me 😔
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@ardayuceler what is your concern?
@ardayuceler @pradeep_io privacy issues apparently? Even security implications, if you work for a company with whiteboards behind your seat.
I love it, the concept is great!
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Super app, I loved the concept...
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