Fiverr Studios

A team of specialists to work on your entire project.

Fiverr Studios is a one-stop source for finding all the freelance talent you need for completing larger projects. Work with a team of freelancers being managed by one Studio Lead, all within the same Gig.
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8 Reviews3.8/5
Hi there! I’m Alon. I’m a Product Group Manager at Fiverr. We’ve launched Fiverr Studios to allow our community of sellers to team up and offer combined services, and to allow clients easily find the solutions for their complex needs. Hope you’ll enjoy it! Let us know what you think. We’ll listen and improve.
@alon_david2 instead of commenting, you left a positive review to your own product. Add to this the fact that Emmanuel Levy registered today and give a positive review without even try the product. Then you have Natasha who seems to love the work you do at fiverr, considering that she upvoted your past launches and left a positive review of a product she never tried. It is perfectly in line with fiverr's reputation, shady at best.
@alon_david2 Very very very bad customer support. Pathetic answers on issues . Who ever read this review , DONT buy through FIVVER . It's loss of time and energy and always supper sellers. The buyer for them are idiot throughing money.
@alon_david2 @liorsalman2 All the 5 times I've used Fiverr I was really happy.
@alon_david2 @erwblo I also was happy till our orders grow ...and it's enough 1 time to understand that as a buyer FIVERR don't really care as long as they getting their commission. We lost contract value $13k just cause of fiver negligence. Any way , wish you to get great time but the F___ _ UP will happens and them you see how much time and money you can lose . GD luck Ervin
@alon_david2 @liorsalman2 Thanks for sharing your experience!
Love it! I'm excited about Studios cause it's a full solution, not just for the people looking for the services, but for the freelancers giving the services.
Couple things I was wondering - Are all the contents produced in the project on Fiverr (recordings, code, images, etc)? Or is this focused exclusively on project coordination? A little hard to make out from the few UI shots. And one more question - the Studio Lead - is that someone who's nominated by the project client? Or is that someone on Fiverr? I imagine that if a project / product person could get a good team together - this would make a great platform for offering much more complex projects to clients, all while allowing transparency you don't get on other platforms.
I like it. This looks like a very clean and simple way to remove a lot of the hassle which exists in remote project management. Ever since Fiverr moved from offering $5 gigs to allowing more complex work - it's been a place more serious, professional needs move to. This takes those professional needs being met one step further.