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#4 Product of the DayApril 26, 2018

Fiverr Elevate is an online academy with everything you need to start your business or freelance career. Step-by-step tutorials on topics such as taxes, healthcare, and productivity explained in 5 minutes or less by experts from companies such as AND CO, Visor, eHealth, Wealthsimple, Stellar Formation, Fundbox, and many more to come. πŸŽ‰

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Hi Producthunters! Our team here at Fiverr built Elevate to give you access to the services and education you need to start your business the right way. After years of working with freelancers and small business owners we see the same questions pop up over and over again: β€œHow do I file my taxes the right way?”, β€œHow do I get insurance?”, β€œHow do I create contracts?” etc. - so we created a series of free online video tutorials, all 5 min. or shorter, to help you launch your business or freelance career. πŸŽ‰ Fiverr in partnership with experts like AND CO, Visor, eHealth, Wealthsimple, Stellar Foundation, Fundbox, and many more to come πŸŽ‰ Would love to hear your thoughts!
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Congratulations on the launch!! I've been using Fiverr to build and grow lean startups for about 5 years now. Great to see how you continue to innovate and push the industry forward! Big fan :)
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@juannikin Thanks so much, Juan! Definitely let us know if there are other classes you'd like to see in the future. Hope to see you around for the next 5 years ;)
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I've taken plenty of courses online on Udemy, Lynda etc but they usually take quite some time. I like this better. I don't want to spend hours learning how to do my taxes... I'd rather it take 5 minutes and go back to topics I enjoy more.


Short (<5 min) tutorials with actionable advice


Not enough videos yet - looking forward to more!

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Really glad to hear this. Thank you!
So happy to hear it was useful for you. Thanks!

Awesome job.

This looks like the start to an even bigger project of free training and resources for freelancers. Excited to see how it evolves moving forward.


Info AND tools for creating proposals, contracts, managing cashflow, healthcare, taxes, and more. Takes about 30 min to watch everything.


None– it's free. If you're self employed or freelancing on the side while you bootstrap your startup... you'll want to check this out.

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Glad you like it, Juan :) Definitely keen to keep adding to it and evolving it.
Thanks very much man!
I love it! I literally just paid for a course like this on Udemy but still haven't finished it. It takes hours and honestly I don't particularly "enjoy" thinking about topics like accounting, taxes, or health insurance. Love that these little tutorials are relevant and explain the basics in just 5 minutes. Great job! Looking forward to seeing more content like this. Also the promo deals are awesome.
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@e_reder Thanks, Eva! That's exactly the idea with Elevate. Short, actionable content to help you level up. Appreciate you checking us out!
@e_reder The idea was to make it simple and short. Happy you like it!
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