Fitbit Versa

The smartwatch for all

Fitbit Versa is lightest metal smartwatch available in the US. It features advanced health and fitness features like 24/7 heart rate tracking, onscreen workouts, swim tracking, and automatic sleep stages tracking meet smart features like quick replies on Android, wallet-free payments, and on-device music with 4+ days battery life.

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oh look, pebble time steel is back! and it still has the bezel like 3 years ago...
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Is this the new Pebble :o ?!

Versa is a beautifully designed smartwatch in a smaller, lighter form factor that other smart watches. Most people exercise with their phone, so Versa not having GPS or music built in won't bother most people. The 4+ day battery life enables detailed sleep tracking the Apple Watch doesn't have.


All the best Fitbit activity and health tracking features with the smartwatch features people actually use (watchfaces, payments)


Fitbit Pay only available on special editions

This sounds like something you need @reedak Track all of your workouts.
Does it have the same OS as Fitbit Ionic. I just bought one and I think there's a lot of promise to this new platform. I just hope they manage to push hard enough for it to become viable, get enough developers, etc.
@pupeno Versa will ship with FitbitOS 2.0, which will also be released for Ionic around that time. More info on the Fitbit Dev blog:
@jeremiahlee oh, cool! I'm looking forward to the upgrade.